1. Westcoastsister

    People are always asking why do we (Moz Fans) love him so much?

    I'm always getting asked by my coworkers and others who i attend school with, why does Morrissey have such a huge following? When I attended his show on Nov. 9 at the Bren Events Center in Irvine, I asked this question to many of the fans there. What I loved most about the responses was that...
  2. STLBatman

    The Aragon Ballroom - 11/27/2016

    This is the thread for the tour date that was just announced for The Aragon Ballroom on November 27th, 2016! Please post any tips, tricks, meet and greet tricks, cheap hotels in the area, PRESALE PASSWORDS (if available), and contests giving away tickets.
  3. I

    Alan Bennett: "Keeping On Keeping On" includes Morrissey mentions

    Alan Bennett's latest publication Keeping On Keeping On has a few Morrissey mentions. Here's one -
  4. Marco Gonzalez

    Want to buy - original 'Skin Girls' Your Arsenal tour shirt

    Hello, title says it all. Want to complete my collection of the Your Arsenal tour t shirts - looking to purchase an original 'Skin Girls' shirt, in size XL. Will pay good money or trade for it. (I have various original morrissey/smiths shirts in sizes LARGE and XL) Would rather pay than to...
  5. STLBatman

    Your daily and abysmal LOL

  6. Marco Gonzalez

    Want to buy - Harvey Keitel / Morrissey 1991 tour shirt

    Looking for the Harvey Keitel 1991 tour shirt in size XL. Will pay good money. If you're willing to part, Reach me here or email at - [email protected]
  7. tatedboyfrombirkenhead

    Morrisseys drum head image and pre-show back drop

    I am an art student, I am in love with this backdrop. This is also the same image he used on his drum head. Who is this?
  8. Graham Rae

    "Soundproof Future Scotland" - new Scottish novel with Moz/Smiths refs

    Hi there. I hope this doesn't seem too spammy. I am a Smiths/Moz fan of over 30 years standing. I was published in the Smiths short story edition Paint a Vulgar Picture, edited by Peter Wild, that came out a few years ago. I have just published my own novel, Soundproof Future Scotland. It...
  9. Rubz

    That's Entertainment promo cd for sale - never played / mint

    For Sale Morrissey "That's Entertainment" RARE Promo Cd. Mint Condition Never Played. Asking price is $300 OBO. Please cash only if you are in Los Angeles or surrounding cities. I also accept PayPal. Free shipping . Will ship within USA only.
  10. Haunted Head

    Let's talk about Bigmouth Strikes Again

    I remember being uncomfortable with the lyrics of this song when I started getting into the Smiths. Re-reading them as an adult, they're actually worse than I remember. This song is basically "I feel persecuted because you pointed out that I'm being an ass". Morrissey is a brilliant front man...
  11. greatrednorth

    'Near Perfect Pitch' weekly music podcast... this week featuring Boz Boorer (Aug. 26, 2016)

    THIS WEEK - EPISODE XVII - FEATURING AN INTERVIEW WITH BOZ BOORER For over 15 years, throughout the 1990s and 2000s, I hosted a radio show entitled 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps'. Due to work commitments, amongst other things I had to vacate my Friday drive slot for the show some...
  12. C

    "Why Morrissey has the most loyal fanbase in the music industry" by Rob Pollard - MEN

    Why Morrissey has the most loyal fanbase in the music industry - Manchester Evening News by Rob Pollard Ahead of Morrissey's gig at Manchester Arena, M.E.N reporter Rob Pollard ponders the extreme devotion of the former Smiths frontman's fans Note: Full article removed on suggestion by author...
  13. C

    Kanye West v Morrissey: battle of the fashion pop up shops

    Kanye West v Morrissey: battle of the fashion pop up shops Lightweight article mostly about people buying clothes at Kanye's pop up shop.
  14. tender_hooligan

    Berlin Pre & Aftershow Parties

    Dr. Martens Beat #9: The Smiths, Moz & beyond Thursday, 11th August, 22:30 - 6:00 Mokum, Danziger Str. 56, 10435 Berlin "After Show Party is fürn Arsch. Deswegen heisst sie ja auch so. Wir feiern einfach vor. Auch für jene die entweder keine Tickets für...
  15. C

    Eric Clapton to Morrissey: Race in British Music

    The Quietus Essay Eric Clapton & Enoch Powell To Morrissey: Race In British Music Since '76 During an August 1976 gig in Birmingham, Eric Clapton made racist comments and praised Enoch Powell, inadvertently inspiring the Rock Against Racism campaign. Four decades later, with Morrissey making...
  16. A

    Anyone else hoping to attend the Houston concert?

    Just wondering if any fellow Moz fans will be attempting to go to the Houston performance on this coming up tour?
  17. T

    Rare original 80's tshirts for sale

    I have 3 original 80's The Smiths t-shirts for sale on eBay. Grab them while you can... Links below
  18. C

    Smiths and Morrissey 1983 -2007

    Fixed. Some songs weren't downloading so moving them into zip archives. 1983-1984 Sixteen, Clumsy, and 1985 - 1987 We Were The 1987 - 1990 The Safe Way Is the Only 1990 - 1991 Rockabilly 1992 - 1994 When the Pubs All 1995 - 1997 Sadly, This Was Your...
  19. C

    Dublin 95 minus two songs
  20. MusicQuizKing

    New MorrisseyOKE Video Doc Short

    Hello everyone, my name is Carlos Ramirez and I recently produced a short video doc piece called MorrisseyOKE. It centers around a Morrissey/Smiths karaoke night held in East Los Angeles. I would be honored if you guys checked it out below and let me know what you think... thanks! Related...
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