1. Akira The Don

    MOZWAVE : A Lofi Hip Hop Morrissey Mix

    Thought some of you guys might dig this because its Morrissey but lofi hip-hop! CHEERS!
  2. conchrisoulis

    "Tales of The Smiths" graphic novel biography by Con Chrisoulis is released (Mar. 22, 2018)

    Just a heads up to the community that I have finally received my 450-page behemoth early copy of TALES OF THE SMITHS - which is now available for pre-order: My graphic novel biography of The Smiths, TALES OF THE SMITHS, which was created and serialised online daily...
  3. M


    Interesting piece on Elcka but more interesting is the audio interview with Harrold with some discussion on touring with Morrissey.
  4. Murder At The Wool Hall

    Autographed Morrissey 7", Smiths 7" and handwritten envelope

    I am considering selling the following : Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing 7" in rare Whitelaw sleeve with rare solid centre - Cover autographed/scribed in black crayon by Morrissey Morrissey - Interesting Drug 7" with solid centre - Cover autographed in white crayon by Morrissey Card...
  5. Sarcasmos

    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - interview in Rolling Stone

    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - Rolling Stone The outspoken songwriter also talks lust, adolescence, "animal slaughter" and why he doesn't vote by Rob Sheffield
  6. M

    Pamela Anderson shares similar views to Morrissey re: Weinstein/Hollywood sexual assault

    Piece by Vulture regarding Anderson's recent appearance on Megyn Kelly's show. Excerpt: “You know what you’re getting into if you’re going into a hotel room alone,” Anderson explained on Thursday’s program. “Don’t go into a hotel room alone. If someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave...
  7. Giant

    Seniority rules

    Unless it says otherwise in your Avatar, (myself being user 440) I am the longest standing member of Morrissey-solo. I actually learned what "those Internets" were by exploring this site in its inception, the first 8 months or so. This, and something else leads me to point out, that what I am...
  8. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths live in London - Sat 6th January

    The world's premier Smiths tribute, The Smyths, are back at O2 Academy Islington on Saturday 6th January. With over half the tickets already sold, this show is now the fastest selling Smyths gig Feeling Gloomy have promoted in 12 years! Entitiled "The Smyths - Unite & Take Over" the gig will...
  9. SuedeMoz

    Los Angeles Declares Morrissey Day on November 10th

    Just heard this announced on KCRW. Found this reference... Los Angeles Declares Morrissey Day on November 10th - BWW World Music News Desk Nov. 8, 2017 Excerpt: The Los Angeles City Council declared Friday, November 10th "Morrissey Day" in Los Angeles, California. During today's council...
  10. STLSmithsMozFan84

    Ultimate Smiths collection for the walls in my house

    Hey so I'm looking at starting to buy a complete collection of Smiths and Moz albums/cds/etc to frame and put on the walls of my house. If anyone has any that's signed by the whole band (already framed or just the album/cd) just shoot me a pic of it and a price please!
  11. Marco

    Russel Brand on Morrissey in a new NME interview

    Russell Brand on his Hammersmith Apollo show, addiction, book number four, Noel and Corbyn - NME Excerpt: "What’s your relationship with Morrissey like? Can you be yourself around him? “Not really. I try to be, but in a way meeting Morrissey is like meeting the avatar to my adolescent self...
  12. S

    Selling off my Morrissey / Tour memorabilia

    Selling off my Morrissey memorabilia. I'm moving overseas and found a bunch of stuff in storage that I need to clear out. I dunno, after 25 years of being Morrissey fan, I think I'm done. Would prefer to sell the lot to one worthy collector. Have a look, make an offer, or just wish me luck...
  13. Raphael Lambach

    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You

    According to set list posted on main page the song was played - along with Paris - as encore. Does anyone have the audio to share?
  14. Gaetano

    Morrissey/Bowie Cosmic Dancer?

    Does anyone know where I can download the full video footage of the David Bowie and Morrisey performance of "Cosmic Dancer"? I know it exists somewhere since some of it was included in "The Importance of Being Morrissey" documentary. Thanks! :)
  15. David Glaser

    My review about "Spent the Day in Bed"

    This is my review in French of the single (Also see the full take on SINGLE OF THE DAY (IN BED) Publié le 29 septembre 2017 par David Glaser L’incipit dit: « je suis resté toute la journée au lit, très heureux de l’avoir fait ». Avec...
  16. STLSmithsMozFan84

    Meet & greet information

    If anyone has meet and greet info for any of the tour dates, including strategies to meet Moz and the guys before/after shows in specific cities/venues, share here please! I'm personally looking for tips for St. Louis such as; when do they show up for sound check and where, etc.
  17. STLSmithsMozFan84

    2017 Tour - St. Louis

    Post info here related to the St. Louis date on 11-22 at the Peabody Opera House, ESPECIALLY presale codes!!
  18. DrStatham

    Has anybody got a download or complete list for all Smiths/Morrissey rarities?

    The link for 'the never heard symphonies' no longer works, so does anybody have the complete download for that unofficial collection, or at least a list of everything that is on it? Thanks.
  19. S

    The Smiths at Night Moves, Glasgow - my part in their success

    You know how you get struck by a wayward question that a few years ago would have been impossible to act on but now there is Google to answer it for you? Tonight the question was" what was the exact date that The Smiths played Night Moves?" So I checked Wikipedia and the venue was missing...
  20. Gaetano

    Favourite Cover of a Morrissey/Smiths Song?

    What is your favourite cover of a Morrissey or Smiths song? Mine would probably be The Killers' version of "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". :)
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