1. Haunted4Wanting

    King Leer cover by Alain Whyte

    Alain Whyte has been doing covers of a lot of the songs him and Morrissey had worked on over the years. Great to hear them stripped down to their acoustic origins. I hope they collaborate again. To me, Alain was Morrissey's best collaborator. But anyways here's his take on King Leer. Kill Uncle...
  2. Nerak

    Morrissey as folk devil

    A folk devil is the personification of evil. They're engaged in wrongdoing. An instantly recognisable unambiguously negative symbol with no favourable characteristics. A threat to society. Their sins must be litanised (there are lists of Moz's crimes!). Good people must identify, denounce and...
  3. Nerak

    Question Vahaan koee kal hal - where did it come from?

    I didn't want to disrespect a thread about Elizabeth being ill - but does anyone know where the phrase vahaan koee kal hal comes from? Does it mean there will be no tomorrow? It's an unexpected reference BY Moz.
  4. L

    Tim Pope and Morrissey

    Did Tim Pope ever work with Morrissey on a video? I thought I saw somewhere that he directed one of his videos, but a google searched didn't turn anything up. I'm curious to know what it was they worked on. Anyone know?
  5. P

    Question How would you rate the Morrissey cover designs

    I recently made a tier list rating the cover of every Morrissey album, the remastered versions, some compilations and the live album Beethoven was deaf, What do you think? Give your opinions, you can rate them too with this link:
  6. kleinhond

    Cosmic Dancer and the real story of the Morrissey vs Bowie debacle -

    "I know he turned 61 in May but, together with some of his dodgier opinions on society, Moz has this curiously bipolar relationship with memorialising the person he cited as a “one-man revolution” that I can only put down to advancing years and/or desperately trolling for a reaction. In 1995...
  7. bobbyjunelive

    Ridicule the Panic

    Could life ever be sane again? (just a little tribute to a sharp tongue in a cutting time -
  8. Case

    Podcast on Vauxhall and I

    Allow me to be selfish for a moment and plug my own podcast. --- I host the Art School Albums podcast and this week, on the eve of Morrissey's 61st birthday, we decided to celebrate one of the most polarizing figures in all of music. My good friend Keith Lipinski joined me to talk about being...
  9. T

    Morrissey subject of Convince Me To Like This Band podcast ("Super Fan" Jose Maldonado vs. "Hater" Andrew Novick (ex-Warlock Pinchers)

    Moz Super Fan attempts to (and kinda, sorta does) convince a Hater! I work on a music podcast and the latest episode is about Morrissey. It should be available on all podcast platforms but here is a link... and here is a blurb.... Extreme Morrissey...
  10. The Chameleon

    Very positive story in Rolling Stone with Half A Person clip

    Watch Morrissey Perform Smiths Obscurity ‘Half a Person’ for First Time in 20 Years Fan favorite was the B-side to “Shoplifters of the World Unite” and later appeared on the compilation album ‘Louder Than Bombs’ Morrissey played his first concert of 2020 on March 6th...
  11. Radis Noir

    'When we were sad we listened to the Smiths' – European critics on UK culture

    'When we were sad we listened to the Smiths' – European critics on UK culture A general arts article in The Guardian which mentions, inter alia, Morrissey and The Smiths:
  12. FatGayVegan

    The dreadful state of UK ticket sales

    I recently wrote a brief exploration of how drastically Morrissey's ticket sale figures have plummeted in the UK, with special attention given to the startlingly low sales for the upcoming Leeds gig. With two weeks to go until the show, huge quantities of seats remain unsold in some of the best...
  13. J

    Looking to buy James Dean T-shirt

    looking to buy this tshirt in a size small
  14. Reggie Kray

    1991 tour shirt Bona Drag print vintage and original

    Vintage 1991 Morrissey Bona Drag Tour Kill Uncle Concert T Shirt Size XL on tag. Genuine article here. Very rare. Great condition. Minor small dot Stain pictured. Not ripped or torn at all. Beautiful print. AUTHENTIC VINTAGE Tour tee! Update - ***SOLD*** Cheers
  15. B

    *mod - please delete*

    *mod - please delete*
  16. H

    He used to be a sweet boy, so what went wrong?

    ^ title
  17. The Truth

    Nergal of Behemoth on being a Morrissey fan, avoiding politics

    Starts at 1:57 talking about how politics should be separate from music. Talks about Morrissey starting at 2:35
  18. SuedeMoz

    "Morrissey’s politics divide his LA fan base" - From Press Play (KCRW)

    Heard this live today on the radio program Press Play. Host Madeleine Brand interviews Melissa Hidalgo - author of “Mozlandia: Morrissey Fans in the Borderlands”. The 16 min segment can be heard at the link below: Morrissey’s politics divide his LA fan base
  19. ShyShy_Flower

    Hoax live nation stream

    Does anyone have any information regarding the possibility that these live nation stream links found on youtube are actually real? I'm not about to drop my card info on a shady site but maybe someone knows their way around the security measures... Here's an example...
  20. R

    Vancouver 2019 - oh the anticipation

    As I last saw Morrissey twice with the Smiths in 1983, I'm going on Tuesday night. An admirer from afar, Morrissey has been one of my life's few constants - If you see a Guy on Tuesday who looks wrong side of 50 and overcome with emotion, remember "It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate...
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