1. The Wild Turkey

    Sunflower T!

    This is a thread pertainin' to Sunflowers! :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:
  2. OtherWisdom

    [Re-upload] Morrissey - October 4 1991 - Hammersmith Odeon - London England

    The request was made here. Download
  3. D

    Paul Sweeney

    Does anyone have or know where I can find photos of him? For those who aren't major Morrissey fans, he was one of Morrissey's PE teachers in high school and was immortalized in the book "Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance". Apparently he was a very nasty, sadistic, cretinous Irish bloke...
  4. dallow_bg

    Moz mention in Peter Hook auction lot

    Peter Hook is selling a ton of his personal mementos over at Omega Auctions an I noticed this lot of items regarding Salford in this collection titled the "SALFORD RULES’ Roots collection" and he mentions Morrissey...
  5. SuedeMoz

    Poll Riot Fest Setlist Predictions?

    I think it would be a good opportunity for Morrissey to play more hits... but I'm guessing it won't vary much from the Vegas shows. What do you think?
  6. Morrissey’s Princess

    Relateable Smiths/Morrissey lyrics

    What lyrics by The Smiths and/or Morrissey do you folks find most relateable? Serious answers please :|
  7. SuedeMoz Perry Farrell’s 5 Favorite Lollapalooza Moments (brief Morrissey mention)

    In the last section, Perry mentioned how Morrissey was supposed to headline in 2004 but Lollapalooza was canceled: Honorable mention: Getting banned by Clear Channel in 2004 That was a really interesting one, because we actually jumpstarted Lolla the year before, when it was dead...
  8. Billy A

    What lost tracks would you have on an album of Moz rarities?

    So, let's pretend Moz has an album or b-sides and rarities coming out. You get to choose the track listing, the album title and artwork. For me it would be: You've had her Brow of my beloved People are the same everywhere Blue dreamer's eyes Noise is the best revenge By the time I get to...
  9. marred

    Rufus Wainwright's latest album 'Unfollow The Rules'

    Are there any Rufus Wainwright fans here under the flagstones of this forum? His latest album is fantastic. This was the second single from it called Damsel In Distress. The vibe and guitar riff kinda reminds me of early Morrissey aka Sister I'm a Poet type sound while sounding nothing like it...
  10. This Charming Bowie

    Morrissey A-Z: 'All The Young People Must Fall In Love'

    Again, thanks to GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn for reminding me of this one :)(I really should get a better method of cataloguing these). What you you think of 'All The Young People...'?
  11. This Charming Bowie

    Morrissey A-Z: 'Alma Matters'

    Day 3... Today’s alphabetical tune is 'Alma Matters' from Maladjusted. Despite being my least favourite Morrissey album, I still regularly spin 'Alma...' (along with the title track and 'Satan...'). I think it’s got a great keyboard melody, which helps to disguise the normal Whyte fare. The...
  12. D

    Morrissey as folk devil

    A folk devil is the personification of evil. They're engaged in wrongdoing. An instantly recognisable unambiguously negative symbol with no favourable characteristics. A threat to society. Their sins must be litanised (there are lists of Moz's crimes!). Good people must identify, denounce and...
  13. D

    Question Vahaan koee kal hal - where did it come from?

    I didn't want to disrespect a thread about Elizabeth being ill - but does anyone know where the phrase vahaan koee kal hal comes from? Does it mean there will be no tomorrow? It's an unexpected reference BY Moz.
  14. Linda Starling

    Tim Pope and Morrissey

    Did Tim Pope ever work with Morrissey on a video? I thought I saw somewhere that he directed one of his videos, but a google searched didn't turn anything up. I'm curious to know what it was they worked on. Anyone know?
  15. P

    Question How would you rate the Morrissey cover designs

    I recently made a tier list rating the cover of every Morrissey album, the remastered versions, some compilations and the live album Beethoven was deaf, What do you think? Give your opinions, you can rate them too with this link:
  16. kleinhond

    Cosmic Dancer and the real story of the Morrissey vs Bowie debacle -

    "I know he turned 61 in May but, together with some of his dodgier opinions on society, Moz has this curiously bipolar relationship with memorialising the person he cited as a “one-man revolution” that I can only put down to advancing years and/or desperately trolling for a reaction. In 1995...
  17. bobbyjunelive

    Ridicule the Panic

    Could life ever be sane again? (just a little tribute to a sharp tongue in a cutting time -
  18. Case

    Podcast on Vauxhall and I

    Allow me to be selfish for a moment and plug my own podcast. --- I host the Art School Albums podcast and this week, on the eve of Morrissey's 61st birthday, we decided to celebrate one of the most polarizing figures in all of music. My good friend Keith Lipinski joined me to talk about being...
  19. T

    Morrissey subject of Convince Me To Like This Band podcast ("Super Fan" Jose Maldonado vs. "Hater" Andrew Novick (ex-Warlock Pinchers)

    Moz Super Fan attempts to (and kinda, sorta does) convince a Hater! I work on a music podcast and the latest episode is about Morrissey. It should be available on all podcast platforms but here is a link... and here is a blurb.... Extreme Morrissey...
  20. The Chameleon

    Very positive story in Rolling Stone with Half A Person clip

    Watch Morrissey Perform Smiths Obscurity ‘Half a Person’ for First Time in 20 Years Fan favorite was the B-side to “Shoplifters of the World Unite” and later appeared on the compilation album ‘Louder Than Bombs’ Morrissey played his first concert of 2020 on March 6th...
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