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  1. Optimistic Fool

    People on here

    So I haven't been on here long but I've gotten a feeling it's true: is anyone on here actually a fan of Morrissey or the Smiths? Or does everyone just kind of make fun of the ones who actually care about him/them and poke fun at and hate on the Moz? Cause if it's true I'm disappointed I don't...
  2. This Charming Bowie

    Morrissey A-Z: 'All You Need Is Me'

    Day 2... See yesterday’s threads for the first two songs in our Morrissey alphabet ('Action...' and '...Dykes'). Today’s song is 'All You Need Is Me' from Greatest Hits and Years Of Refusal (one of my personal favourite Moz albums). What do you think of it? Good live version on here too:
  3. P

    Question How would you rate the Morrissey cover designs

    I recently made a tier list rating the cover of every Morrissey album, the remastered versions, some compilations and the live album Beethoven was deaf, What do you think? Give your opinions, you can rate them too with this link:
  4. Stoned

    Article: "Morrissey 25: Live" (DVD and Blu-ray - Oct. 21, 2013) release details, preorder at Records

    Both DVD and Blu-ray - Blu-ray details: MORRISSEY 25 LIVE is a legacy concert film marking 25 years of the solo career of one of the world’s most iconic and enigmatic performers. Shot during Morrissey’s most intimate gig in decades at the Hollywood High School in Los Angeles...
  5. G

    Best Morrissey Song: The Bracket

    It's Morrissey March Madness!! I have created a bracket to determine the best Morrissey song. Go here to vote. It's free and easy. :) Know going in, however, that it was incredibly difficult to narrow the songs down and seed them. I tried to be as objective as possible, but there are...
  6. mauve21

    Facebook - ing Morrissey -solo

    Hey, me not being particularly clever or technically minded, the questiong is hard to put into words. How do I have my accounts with Facebook and Morrissey-solo connected?
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