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    Morrissey teenage lover

    Now it's up to anyone reading this if they choose to believe this or not, I just thought I'd share it as it is very interesting. A boy at my school called neo, he knows nothing about the smiths or morrissey, but once I mentioned morrissey and he goes "oh my aunt used to date him" and I didn't...
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    Reel Around the Fountain Records

    Just to notify you all on the most underrated record store in Manchester, reel around the record shop in Stretford mall, the only glamorous thing holding Stretford mall on it's feet. The owner is a legend, his name is nigel, and I've been visiting his shop since the week he opened in 2015. The...
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    Hoax: Morrissey to play O2 Apollo, Manchester - 22 May, 2019

  4. marred

    'Moz in Oz' pilgrimage

    Hey Australian Morrissey fans! Is anyone thinking of going to multiple shows this tour? I want to go to the Canberra, Wollongong and Newcastle shows and I'm interested in seeing if anyone wants to join me either by car (which I have) or train. Please let me know ASAP as tickets go on pre sale...
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    Morrissey's book signing in Gothenburg, Sweden 2014

    Hey, I wonder if you have pictures and videos from Morrissey's book signing in Gothenburg? Please share if you have, it would be nice to see
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    Still Ill - Live SMITHS / Morrissey Tribute 10/25 SAN DIEGO

    [center]still ill live smiths / morrissey tribute band 10/25/14 21:00 tower bar 4757 university avenue san diego ca no cover w/smiths / moz t shirt Join our FB EVENT PAGE FOR UPDATES http://bit.ly/1s9ajkp RSVP & SING ALONG TO SMITHS & MOZ TUNES LIVE WEAR YR SMITHS & MOZ Ts

    reissue - repackage

    Morrissey is certainly the master of the "reissue - repackage " money for old rope when it comes to the music industry, im certainly not going to want a deluxe edition of wpinoyb, maybe a warehouse is full of his autobiography and they need to make space ? Ive saved £0.99 p by not buying his new...

    Andy rourke`s yamaha bb2000

    love this photograph of andy`s yamaha bb200 , as used on barbarism begins at home
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