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    Morrissey Years Of Refusal Makes List - 150 Worst Albums Made By Men

    The 150 Worst Albums Made By Men 144. Morrissey, Years of Refusal List also includes 79. Radiohead, Kid A It's a good record and not even the "worst" Radiohead. Similarly, Morrissey has worse records than Years of Refusal but maybe the writer hasn't heard them. List has records by The Cure...
  2. morrisseys actual jacket

    morrisseys actual jacket

    morrisseys actual jacket from his first solo concert at wolverhampton civic hall in 1988 which he threw into the crowd and i managed to get
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    BBC3 Most Annoying People 2011

    Morrissey was listed as number 31 on the list just now, for his comments about those 97 children that were shot in Norway (I think?). Not sure who any of the talking heads were, but they certainly have no business commenting on other peoples annoyingness... They also used Bigmouth Strikes Again...
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    this site is so hypocrtical

    i always thought that this was a morrisey fan site but every other post is about people hating on morrisey you always go on is last album was crap or his new songs now morrisey was at his best in the smiths thats a given and i didnt like ringleaders but i dont go on about in every other topic...
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    stereotyped for liking morrisey

    when my brother found out i listened to morrisey he started giving me all this shit like im depressed has anyone else been told stuff like that i like other music i listen and even make electronic music. for me the depressing music is that shite stinking up the top 40.
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    morrisey full blown tour possible?

    is a full blown morrisey tour in the works seeing as i can't get to the hops festival cus im in belfast
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