miley cyrus

  1. Aubrey McFate

    Interviewing Morrissey

    Morrissey, in recent years, has not shown a willingness to sit for interviewers with non-sycophants. I believe he has restricted himself to Fiona Dodwell, his nephew, and an alleged fanzine editor, John Riggers. Was the Der Spiegel interview the last one outside of the circle? Perhaps Capitol...
  2. Sandy_Jay_1111 ☯️

    Why didn't M work with Damon Albarn

    Any idea why M turned down being on the new Gorillaz album? Damon is way cooler than bubble gum "artists" (not seen any 👿 symbolism with his vids etc) 🤔 (shame they both couldn't hold onto their British record labels both now Amerikan) =(
  3. DavidMich

    Geez..imagine if Morrissey freaked out like Miley Cyrus

    ...when a fan rushes the stage. Relax Miley, she just wanted to hug you.
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