1. rachell0uise

    Tour merch help

    I went to see Morrissey in Leeds last night but the t-shirt and tote bag I wanted had all sold out by time I got to the stall (I didn’t even think that would happen..) I reaaaaally want the Trouble Loves Me t-shirt and the pretty petty thieves tote bag. Long shot but would anyone going to...
  2. Glamorous_Glue

    Merch question

    Are they selling these lapel pins at the current shows? Thanks!
  3. X

    looking for shirts

    If anyone has any moz shirts for sale size large please private/ message me or upload a pic i might be interested :) shirts im looking for are recently are : 1. morrissey throwing an orange shirt 2. morrissey moz is my shepherd shirt 3. morrissey fanny the wondercat shirt and if...
  4. Practising Troublemaker

    2009 Tour Official Merchandise

    Was their any new merchandise available at the Atlanta show? Details please :) Love PTxx.
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