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  1. STLSmithsMozFan84

    Meet & greet information

    If anyone has meet and greet info for any of the tour dates, including strategies to meet Moz and the guys before/after shows in specific cities/venues, share here please! I'm personally looking for tips for St. Louis such as; when do they show up for sound check and where, etc.
  2. S

    Chicago, IL Tour Date 6-13

    :squiffy:anyone hear of the possibility of a meet and greet for the Chicago date??:D
  3. S

    June 13th Civic Opera House Chicago date

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of possible meet and greet opportunities for this date. Even known time tables of when he'll show up for practice and which side of the building he'll be at. This is my first moz concert so i'd love to meet him :)
  4. A

    Tell me about the Chicago Theater

    It appears to be all seated/ no GA? Would really love to see Moz surrounded by the regular pulsing crowd of fans. Wonder how far I will have to drive to make this happen.... Thanks for any input you windy city folks can share......
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