1. mauve21

    Passing judgement on other people's relationships

    Of course I'm referring to the Russell Brand wedding situation.... Do we think it's rude to tell someone they shouldn't get married... What's your opinion?
  2. Half_a_Person

    If a couple got married and didn't have children at all...

    Will they still have sex?:confused:
  3. Quiffaa

    Quakers agree to same-sex marriages

    "The Quakers today agreed to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples and said they would ask the government to change the law to allow Quaker registering officers to register same-sex partnerships in the same way as marriages."...
  4. PregnantForTheLastTime


    The marriage thread has made me think... how are our attitudes toward marriage influenced by the marriages (or partnerships) from which we were spawned?
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