1. Ballerina Out Of Control

    Relateable Smiths/Morrissey lyrics

    What lyrics by The Smiths and/or Morrissey do you folks find most relateable? Serious answers please :|
  2. athosique

    'I Am Not a Dog on a Chain' lyrics CD/vinyl bootleg?

    Since it's got leaked, can anyone post lyrics to the songs or upload vinyl/CD scans? Not sure if I'm posting to the right topic, so...
  3. DrStatham

    Never Again Will I Be a Twin; what the f**k does it actually mean

    Usually I can at least think of one reasonable interpretation of a song, or get the general gist... But this is one of those rare instances where I have got absolutely no clue whatsoever. What does any of it actually mean??? Can anyone help???
  4. A

    "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" wall art in mansion

    Not exactly a rented room in Whalley Range. Check out the "lobby" photo about 1/2 way down the page of images: Oberfeld Luxury Residence – 9318 Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Showcase - The Pinnacle List
  5. DrStatham

    I Starting Something/Suedehead connection

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but does anyone else think there may be a connection between I Started Something I Couldn't Finish and Suedehead? One interpretation of I Started Something is Moz getting into a relationship that he doesn't really want and now feeling guilty, not...
  6. J

    give me advice please

    Hi, i wrote this really short song/poem would like to have some peoples opinions please Disconnection concealing my thoughts, behind my modern day mask breaking down barriers of faces to face the deconstruction of barriers is the reconstruction of society the screens you so pathetically...
  7. M

    Why does Morrissey hate Thursdays?

    I've been meaning to pose this discussion for awhile - and who knows, it's likely been brought up before, I just haven't looked. "Monday - humiliation / Tuesday - suffocation / Wednesday - condescension / Thursday - is pathetic." "And when the Palmist said: 'One Thursday you will be dead.'"...
  8. parkorova

    Lyric connection?

    Apologies if this annoyingly dull, but I'm rereading Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People (forming a cult is all, let me know if interested) and came across a line I've heard in simpler terms. "Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain- and most fools do. But it takes...
  9. Interesting Doug

    Did the dad in Now My Heart Is Full "empty the room" with a fart?

    I was just listening to Now My Heart Is Full and once again puzzling over the verse: Your father cracks a joke And in the usual way Empties the room I don't know of too many other ways to empty a room than with a big ripe fart. And the father had just cracked a joke too, so we know he's...
  10. Elvez

    Free DL only today:Ryan Darton & The Wildebeast-I Am A Moth

    this is one of my mates who i mentioned a little while ago. he's offering a free/legal digital download of his debut album only for today. the cover below is not on the album but it's a sampling of his voice, because we all know voice and lyrics are the most important :cool: definitely worth...
  11. mauve21

    Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning?

    Just been thinking about that song. Is it slightly derogatory (about women) or do we think he had a particular situation in mind when he wrote it. I wonder if he read a news article or was watching a BBC drama that inspired him? It's so melancholy that line " Please don't worry, there'll...
  12. roky

    Out There with Morrissey

    Here is an interview by Dan Mathews of Peta. I don't know if it has already been posted.
  13. dizzywhore_1804

    HURTS - So far

    After the glowing reviews on my other thread (:blushing:) I thought I'd post what else I've collected. Included is the (according to Popjustice) demo version of 'Wonderful Life', a white-label release of 'Unspoken' and two Huw Stephens sessions of 'Illuminated' and 'Silver Lining'. All...
  14. HousingOfficer

    What's the apeal in Morrissey's lyrics for women ?

    I can totally understand certain men relating to Morrissey / The Smiths lyrics. They are often about not fitting into the typical 'Male/Macho' stereotype and the emotional problems this can cause. But what do women get from his lyrics ? This is a genuine question and not meant to wind...
  15. Born In 1975

    Interesting Drug meaning

    So I had my iPod on "Moz shuffle mode" and this song came on. Hadn't heard this oldie and goodie in a while. I started thinking about the title and meaning of it and realized I might have misunderstood it all these years. Is he singing about a drug that is interesting (e.g. "hey Bob, those...
  16. Not Right in the Head

    Cringeworthy Morrissey lyrics

    It's that time again, but this time, I don't want to discuss the songs you don't like, but rather specific bad lyrics in songs that you otherwise love. Have we done this before? Let's get the "explosive kegs" line out of the way. The lines that always make me wince include: "Your father...
  17. A

    Plagiarize or Take On Loan

    The site "It May All End Tomorrow" used to keep a list of sources where Morrissey nicked his lyrics. Have any lyricspost-Maladjusted (which is about when I think it stopped) sounded oddly familiar to anybody?
  18. Orson Swells

    Is "When Last I Spoke To Carol" about...

    ... Kirsty MacColl? Obviously there is the musical style which is heavily reminiscent of her last album, Tropical Brainstorm. Then the light lyrical style itself with phrases like "pasty face of mine" reminds me of her own songwriting. Then there are the strange bird-like effects which echo the...
  19. Comtesse

    Granted, This Is A Minor Quibble, But Nevertheless...

    It's hard to explain why, but I get really irritated when Morrissey uses "we" instead of "I" in songs. Like, "You were good in your time and WE thank you". And, "WE love them/WE mourn for them... WE miss them/Every night WE kiss them". It just sounds weird to me - like he's trying to be...
  20. Stanley Ogden

    You were good in your time - Who is it about?

    Do you think he is refering to a specific person?
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