low in high school

  1. This Charming Bowie

    Morrissey A-Z: 'All The Young People Must Fall In Love'

    Again, thanks to GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn for reminding me of this one :)(I really should get a better method of cataloguing these). What you you think of 'All The Young People...'?
  2. Giant

    Seniority rules

    Unless it says otherwise in your Avatar, (myself being user 440) I am the longest standing member of Morrissey-solo. I actually learned what "those Internets" were by exploring this site in its inception, the first 8 months or so. This, and something else leads me to point out, that what I am...
  3. M

    @officialmoz Instagram account still pretending to be Morrissey

    Out of curiosity, I've been keeping an eye on this. Not only was there no post made mentioning "I Wish You Lonely," "Jacky," or even the album release (granted, it does say 'album out now' in the account bio), the caption on the most recent post is made to sound as if it's coming from Morrissey...
  4. ExtraordinaryOrdinariness

    Morrissey interview in Billboard - new album, police brutality, why music Is 'like a dating service'

    Morrissey Talks New Album 'Low In High School,' Police Brutality & Why Music Is 'Like a Dating Service' - Billboard 11/14/2017 by Joe Lynch On Nov. 17, Morrissey returns with Low In High School. As the cover artwork – which shows a young boy standing in front of Buckingham Palace toting an "axe...
  5. Sven68

    Spex review of Low in High School (German)

    A negative review of LIHS, largely based on Morrissey's polictical views: http://www.spex.de/morrissey-low-in-high-school-review/ Translated by "DeepL": Post-The-Smiths Morrissey's swinging to the rhythm of guitars. At Low In High School, he at least also sees himself swinging to new topics...
  6. James Dean

    "Hell" with Guillaume Canet

    Mentioned in "Home Is A Question Mark": Another film on re-play / This time "Hell" with Guillaume Canet. It's another excellent reference to French cinema and I must say that it was a pleasure to discover this movie. Thanks Moz! This film is highly recommended for those who want to watch a...
  7. charmer

    Order LIHS through Amazon and get priority access to UK tour tickets

    New promotion from Amazon for Low in High School. Order the album through Amazon and you get priority access to UK tour tickets on November 1. (Worth noting that you don;t actually have to order the album through Amazon, just sign up for priority alerts: Pre-order Low in High School on Amazon
  8. Marco

    "I Wish You Lonely" email marketing / pop up shop details; ltd test pressings (London/LA Nov. 17-19)

    Besides confirming Wish You Lonely as the next single the e-mail Mkt brought News about exclusivities in the Pop Up Shops: "I Wish You Lonely" Available Now + Album Launch Pop-Ups New track from Low in High School, the second to be taken from the record, "I Wish You Lonely"is out now as an...
  9. DrStatham

    Morrissey - 2017-10-11 Schwuz, Berlin, Germany - Webcast [720p]

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had a recording of the Berlin Live performance from today? :)
  10. David Glaser

    My review about "Spent the Day in Bed"

    This is my review in French of the single (Also see the full take on https://suississimo.com/2017/09/29/single-of-the-day-in-bed/) SINGLE OF THE DAY (IN BED) Publié le 29 septembre 2017 par David Glaser L’incipit dit: « je suis resté toute la journée au lit, très heureux de l’avoir fait ». Avec...
  11. DrStatham

    Spent the Day in Bed available on spotify

    A few days ago that link was posted (https://www.allaccess.com/mail/archive/download/M/morrissey/_8_1505509481.html) where Spent the Day in Bed is reportedly available as of tomorrow... With all the talk of radio broadcasts people seem to have forgotten this, so is it still happening? Anybody...
  12. Simple_Pleasures

    "Low In High School" album cover posted by Linder on Instagram

    Linder just posted what seems to be the cover of the new album! Nothing you wouldn't have expected from Morrissey, to be quite honest... UPDATE 3:30 PM PT: Image has been removed from Linder's Instagram. Also posted in the comments by Bluebirds: According to a FB post by James Maker which...
  13. PiccadillyPalare96

    Never seen Morrissey live

    Hi all! Still fairly new to this site so I thought I'd chip in. I have a confession to make. In my short (seemingly long) 21 years on this earth, I have never had the privilege of seeing Moz in concert. I can sense the Moz concert veterans glare. With this new album announced, of which I have...
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