1. Morrissey 2 Live 1992

    Morrissey 2 Live 1992

    Morrissey Live 1992
  2. Morrissey 1 Live 1992

    Morrissey 1 Live 1992

    Morrissey Live 1992
  3. Morrissey with Raised Fist - 1991

    Morrissey with Raised Fist - 1991

    This is a framed photo of Morrissey that I shot in 1991 in NJ. I made 3 prints of this image for an art show. The size of the photo is 8 x 10, while the frame is 11 x 14. If interested in a purchase, please get in touch! Thank You.
  4. T

    Morrissey art prints for sale. Live in 1991 in NJ.

    I took these photos of Morrissey in 1991 at the Garden State Arts Center These shots have never been published. This is my first time offering them for sale. They are size 11" x 14". $200 each. They are an edition of 3 and will not be printed at this size again. **the actual photo...
  5. D

    FOR SALE: Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection - 46 Tapes! + Interviews & Rarities!

    Up for sale on eBay is my entire Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection. There are 46 Tapes, and countless hours of rare footage! I simply don't have the time to convert these all to DVD, so I'm letting them go to a good home! :) Link Here's a list of what's available: The Smiths 1983-84...
  6. M

    Morrissey live at the hollywood bowl 2007 dvd for sale or trade very rare

    For anyone interested i have the extremely rare and hard to come by pro-shot DVD MORRISSEY LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2007 that was set to be released by Warner Music and then pulled at MORRISSEY'S request. Very few Warner promo copies were released of the final edited complete pro-shot show on...
  7. T

    Require: Pashernate Love soundcheck Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY November 1992

    PLEASE send a link for that lovely soundcheck captured by Long Island Alternative radio station WDRE from Nassau Coliseum Nov 1991. PLEASE include the complete air chat that included the coverage of that nights show that accidentally caught the RARE RARE RARE complete soundcheck of this song...
  8. P

    The Smiths Social + New Wave Dance Party (Philadelphia)

    THE SMITHS SOCIAL will be coming to The M Room (15 W. Girard Ave) on Thursday, March 8th at 9pm! The 18th Pale Descendents (John and Kivmars) will be playing your favorite Smiths tunes in two live acoustic sets - plus a few Morrissey solo songs thrown in for good measure. This live...
  9. Vegas baby Vegas

    Vegas baby Vegas

    glimpse into an amazing show!
  10. W

    The Smiths - Ultimate Gig

    4th Oct 1982 was the first ever gig of The Smiths. To celebrate this there is now this collection called, “The Smiths-Ultimate Gig”. The best Live performance of (almost) every Smiths Song, selected from the Bootleg CD’s. This Ultimate Gig lasts...
  11. roky

    Morrissey's shirt ???

    Does anyone know the brand of shirts Morrissey is wearing at the Glastonbury show? Both shirts are the same brand but different colors.
  12. J

    Live Hamburg 91 bootleg

    I bought this bootleg lp together with some other morrissey and smiths records, but I couldn't find any information about it. Does anybody know what it's worth?
  13. S

    morrisey full blown tour possible?

    is a full blown morrisey tour in the works seeing as i can't get to the hops festival cus im in belfast
  14. Elvez

    The Dears new album and tour

    'degeneration street' out today! go buy it from their site. it's cheap. go see them live. it's worth it.:guitar: 2/15, Toronto, ON at The Drake Hotel (Polaris Music Prize Salon) 2/17, ON TV, CBC, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (Tickets for studio audience) 2/17...
  15. tender_hooligan

    Edwyn Collins feat. Boz Boorer live on German TV 2011 Edwyn Collins feat. Boz Boorer on keyboards and saxophone live on the late night show "Harald Schmidt" in Cologne on first progamme of German TV "Das Erste" on February 10th 2011. Related item: Boz Boorer touring with Edwyn...
  16. G

    The Smiths: The Queen Is Live

    I bring you one more album. This time, it's The Queen Is Dead made out of live tracks. I tried to find the highest quality and best sounding recordings to make this album out of. Tracklist (This should really go without saying): 1. The Queen Is Dead 2. Frankly, Mr. Shankly 3. I Know It's Over...
  17. G

    Moz: To Die By Your Side - live compilation

    In the spirit of Nature's Trick, here's another compilation of live tracks, this time Morrissey stuff. Again, I don't remember the dates. The recordings are mostly recentish though (2000s and 90s mostly). Tracklist: 1. Jack The Ripper 2. Ouija Board, Ouija Board 3. Cemetry Gates 4. Now...
  18. G

    The Smiths: Nature's Trick - live compilation

    This is a compilation of live tracks (downloaded from YouTube XD) that I made a while ago. I no longer remember which songs are from which show, but it's a fairly good collection in any case. Tracklist: 1. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (12/12/86) 2. Hand In Glove (Moz mistakenly...
  19. N

    Under the influence: Morrissey tribute 16th Aug, the Boogaloo

    Some of the best new songwriters around play three songs: two of their own and one by the featured artist of the month. This month a live tribute to MORRISSEY (& THE SMITHS). Featuring: LOUIS ELIOT, TOM MCKEAN & THE EMPERORS, THE LUCKY FACE, ANTONIO, JAMES SAUNDERS, ALONE TROOPER, JAMES...
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