1. DreamingofStew

    "Now My Heart Is Full" by Laura June - another literary Morrissey reference

    References to Morrissey and The Smiths abound in contemporary literature. Here's a recent one, a book called Now My Heart Is Full, by Laura June, published by Penguin this year: At the Goodreads page, the author has given a...
  2. parkorova

    Lyric connection?

    Apologies if this annoyingly dull, but I'm rereading Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People (forming a cult is all, let me know if interested) and came across a line I've heard in simpler terms. "Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain- and most fools do. But it takes...
  3. scumbag

    Contest Post your fave photo of Morrissey on my blog

    See my blog for details! Three winners will be selected.
  4. I

    Moz/Smiths-related books you recommend

    Already have Fletcher's book as well as St. Morrissey and Mozipedia. I am planning to get copies of Rogan's Morrissey: The Albums and Complete Guide to the Music of Morrissey and the Smiths and Middles' The Complete Story from Amazon. What do you think guys? Are they going to tell me...
  5. J

    Desperately seeking Manchester-based fans for my final illustration project

    Hi everyone. my name is julia and I decided to create a fictional magazine that focuses on the relationship between classical literature on modern music. The Issue I'm going to create will be based on the Smiths/Morrissey and Oscar Wilde. Since I study in Germany at the moment (moving to San...
  6. M

    Moz Art Literary Headspinspiration Declaration.

    This new book, available from Amazon on both sides of the Atlantic, contains a few Moz/Smiths refs. See if you can find them.
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