1. DrStatham

    Never Again Will I Be a Twin; what the f**k does it actually mean

    Usually I can at least think of one reasonable interpretation of a song, or get the general gist... But this is one of those rare instances where I have got absolutely no clue whatsoever. What does any of it actually mean??? Can anyone help???
  2. E

    Tried, Sighed & Died - Selections, 2013-17

    Being as I am - a fan of neither World Peace... nor ...High School (as whole albums go) - I made up this compilation and wanted to share the artwork, which features as its cover star the then-already-past-it Truman Capote :) (also attached, my personal track-list, though yours may very well be...
  3. Akira

    I need your guys help

    Does anyone know what is the font used in the kids shirt on the new album?! Please Please Please, let me know!
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