1. BrummieBoy

    Morrissey mentioned in Damien Dempsey Facebook post

    LOL! THE CANCER! sold a few more tickets at the London 02 but Bowie's banjaxed that Misery Lit Victim Script for Moz 4 evva! Even if it comes true in a totally mad, sad karmic circle kind of way. Damo is pretty fly, he did a Rebel Yell 1916 show at the Olympic here in Dublin the other night. I...
  2. sistasheila

    TWO Unseen Robert Mackie letters and Moz`s pre-Smiths articles- Fanzine "Kid`s Stuff

    scottish fanzine frankly charming did print an unseen robert mackie letter which has not find its way online yet. it was not included in mackie`s "words by morrissey*" booklet he distributed once back in the 90ties . when he stopped,it found a way online ,see the torr link robert also did...
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