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  1. CrystalGeezer

    Pig Intervention

    Pigsty friends, I have a problem. I am gaining a lot of weight. I stepped on my father’s scale tonight and it said I weigh (wearing jeans and tshirt and my shoes) 230 pounds. That’s roughly the size of a linebacker. Now the thing is I have zero desire to exercise or eat healthy, it’s like...
  2. Theo

    Is it true or false that Kewpie is censoring tags in the 'sty??

    The rules for the Pigsty say there's just one rule (as long as the postings do not contain photos of, or personal info about, forum members, or hardcore porn). I do not read most threads on SoLow so I often don't know what all is going on. EPBabe brought it to my attention that...
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