las vegas

  1. M

    I am new to Los Angeles

    I want to make some friends. My favorite Smiths song is "Half a Person." I've played poker professionally for a long time. I sing in a band called Romance Fantasy, and my claim to fame is the The Killers wrote "The Ballad of Michael Valentine" about me. Look it up. It's all true.
  2. M

    My brother Ryan Pardey and I are throwing a great after party in Vegas 11/25

    Have you heard of the Royal Resort in Vegas? It's a very cool club. My brother Ryan Pardey (Halloween Town) and I, Rod Pardey AKA Michael Valentine (Singer of Romance Fantasy and subject of "The Ballad of Michael Valentine" by The Killers) are throwing a great after party in Vegas at the Royal...
  3. M

    Who wants to help me throw a great Moz after party in Vegas Nov. 25th?

    My brother Ryan Pardey and I are going to be throwing a great after party in Vegas November 25th! Have you heard of The Royal Resort on Convention Center Drive in Vegas? It's gonna be fun. Send me a message if you are going to be in Vegas that day. Here's the Facebook page...
  4. V

    Interview with Andy Rourke If you missed your chance to experience a live performance by The Smiths, catching former members of the iconic ’80s band in their current projects is the next best thing. As for former bass...
  5. V

    Andy Rourke in Las Vegas 4/17

  6. D

    2 GA floor tickets for Las Vegas

    Hello: Like a few other posts I have seen, due to a change in my employment status, I will be unable to attend the Las Vegas show. I have two (2) tickets that are Floor tickets. With service charges, ticket basterd charges, etc., the total amount I spent was $149.85. While I would love to...
  7. mozcar78

    FS: 2 Las Vegas Tix for $100 - Dec 4th

    yes you read right. I have two las vegas tickets, that i cannot attend, for 100 bucks. So any of you who are looking for a deal. This is it. Two hard tickets BS free. Ill take paypal as well or cash if we meet up. I am in SoCal for any of folks who care. oz 562-760-7024 total fees render...
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