1. A

    Jobriath Unreleased Material

    Hi all, I'm a huge Jobriath fan, and found a few threads here with uploads of his unreleased demos. Unfortunately, the links have long expired, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to re-share this material? I would be eternally grateful. I'm looking specifically for the Elegant Man...
  2. SuedeMoz

    Article: He was Meant to Be Bigger than Bowie (Jobriath)

    Link: "He was Meant to Be Bigger than Bowie" By Francky Knapp Some info I didn't know and a very brief Morrissey mention...
  3. H

    request re: Jobriath

    Hi folks, long time lurker from Ireland - first time poster. Big Moz fan. I was wondering if anyone could share the unreleased Jobriath demos with me. I see a few posts from back in the day - unfortunately so long that the links are expired. Having scoured the web, I've come to the realization...
  4. SuedeMoz

    Brief Morrissey mention in article about Jobriath "Morrissey (who’d once attempted to hire Jobriath as his opening act in the ’90s, before learning that Jobriath had died) kickstarted this...
  5. The Sense Of Doubt

    Morrissey: Musical Influences Print - 20% off

    Hello everybody, Just reaching out to let you know that we are running a Black Friday sale this weekend and our Morrissey print featuring his musical influences, favourite songs, LPs and more is 20% off. Morrissey - Musical Influences [Full Edition] Morrissey - Musical Influences [Compact...
  6. Ecubyan

    Rare Jobriath stuff?

    Ok, so I have listened to (and absolutely love) Jobriath's solo work and his stuff with Pidgeon. I have: Pidgeon (self-titled,) Jobriath (self-titled,) Creatures of the Street, and some rare stuff (Live from the Bottom Line, a few third LP demos, a few Cole Berlin tracks.)I've even listened to...
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