1. Lucifer Sam

    Jesus of Nazareth, known as "J-dogg" by some

    This thread is for discussions of Jesus. Other people have vanity threads or pet topic threads, so this will be mine, since Carlislebaz complains that I frequently spoil his good time on this forum with all my God-bothery. I have included a poll.
  2. S

    The Jesus and Mary Chain - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi everyone, here's, at last, a long time wished collection of The Jesus And Mary Chain catalogue, including all their singles, almost every B-Side and rarities from 1983 to 2011. Having bought the Edsel reissues of TJ&MC, I've only had to search from some rare promos or US editions which...
  3. The Seeker of Good Songs

    Speaking of conspiracies...

    ...what about old Jesus? Did Jesus, the prophet of Nazareth, rise from the dead? If not, what was all the hubbub in Jerusalem? Or is it all just fiction? Why did a anti-Christian rabbi, who had Christians killed, who turned against everything culturally and religiously he believed in...
  4. E

    Happy Easter, people of solo!

    Here's my egg-tree with a traditional Easter sweetbread. And some Easter cuteness!
  5. Quiffaa

    olds: Manchester Passion

    was a contemporary retelling of the last days of Jesus' life using popular music from the cream of Manchester bands, broadcast Good Friday 2006. The songs Jesus sings You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side (Morrissey) sung by Darren Morfitt Mary sings Cast No Shadow (Oasis) Jesus sings...
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