1. ACTON

    When did Morrissey and Jake break up?

    Apologies in advance if this topic has already been coevered in the Forum but I didn't see it. I was wondering if anyone knows when Moz and Jake broke up? I think it was after Vauxhall but before Southpaw, and that the song 'Best Friend on the Payroll' was about Jake (perhaps 'Sunny' was...
  2. Je Suis Julie

    The Jake Ryan / Michael Schoeffling Thread

    Inspired by Corrissey's latest avatar.... Post all your Michael Schoeffling memories / photos / thesis papers here! Let's start with this Morrissey quote, found in one of sistasheila's rare interview scans, entitled "You and I, This Land is Ours" by Ashley Heath. Half of the Frink...
  3. Cowshed

    My Meeting with Morrissey

    Under pressure from Virgil Tracey, I have to write a report of last night… Yesterday afternoon I headed down to the free gig at Proud in Camden. There were 5 or 6 bands on the bill, including Doll and the Kicks, who I had heard on the Janice Long/Morrissey interview show. I quite liked the...
  4. T

    Jake Walters: Imperfect Truth

    The recent discussion about Jake Walters’ archived photos prompted me to Google the name. What did I find? It only turns out that he was credited on “Who put the M in Manchester?” with the Imperfect List track. Anyone who knows this track knows it was written by Pete Wylie (The Mighty Wah...
  5. B

    Jake Walters pics?

    Does anyone have a link to pics of Jake Walters, the boxer that Morrissey supposedly had a fling with in the 90's?
  6. D

    New album cover

    I've just been sent the new album cover, unretouched & without fonts. Here's part of it.....What a tease.
  7. M

    The Operation

    Is this song about a sex change? I think so
  8. J

    Is Jake back with Moz??

  9. Sheridan Whiteside

    All You Need Is Me 7" large image

    All You Need Is Me - Cover Not sure if this has already ben posted, but I stumbled across this on the HMV site The release info for All You Need Is Me Morrissey Release date: 19-5-2008 Availability: pre-order now Catalogue Number: 4780964 Label: POLYDOR Back to top track listing...

    interesting info from main board

    Jake Walters in 8th Wonder Shocker!! (Score:1) Time to end the debate about the two Jakes (although I don't suppose the evidence I produce will stop some people deluding themselves). There has only ever been 'one' Jake, as I'm sure Moz would attest to. There was a photo credited to Jake...
  11. paintavulgarpicture

    Who has met morrissey?

    Who has ever been lucky enough to meet him? When/where, etc?
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