1. H

    Israel, Tel Aviv and veganism - Guardian article

    Here's an interesting article on the growing veganism movement within Judaism and Israel: Bearing in mind Morrissey's recently professed love for Tel Aviv and Israel, I thought it...
  2. Lawrence

    Morrissey: Say YES to human rights, No to apartheid Israel

    I just came across this just now, the fact that Moz has written an excellent song in the past about living under occupation ('This Is Not Your Country' - originally a B-side off 'Satan Rejected My Soul'), yet is still prepared to play in a land presently under occupation is sad.....really sad...
  3. davdavon

    Morrissey interview with Gal Uchovsky

    Published last weekend in Time Out Tel Aviv. Like the Ashkenazi piece, this is more of a memoir than an interview. Translated by me. Notes in square brackets added by me. This is long. THIS CHARMING MAN Gal Uchovsky The door opens. Into the suite in the luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental Hyde...
  4. davdavon

    Morrissey's demands list for Israel concert

    Posted on YNet:,7340,L-3569176,00.html Badly translated by davdavon: Morrissey demands a private car with a professional driver available to drive him at any time. The car must be black with dark windows: if a Mercedes S-500 is not available, then a Lexus...
  5. TuQui

    Morrissey interview by Lior Ashkenazi (pics)

    On 'Yediot Ahronot' (Israeli newspaper) today:cool: I scanned only the pics but I will scan the whole interview if you want (in Hebrew of course:p)
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