1. B

    To what extent did The Smiths represent Second-Generation Irish issues with identity and belonging?

    Thanks for taking the time to read.. I'm writing a dissertation on the perception of the Irish influence on The Smiths and how it compares to other factors that contributed to the band's work in the 80s. If you read the title and thought they did represent issues with 'belonging' or 'home' in an...
  2. C

    Book review on Morrissey and Marr in Hot Press

    I saw this review yesterday in Hot Press Irish Blood English Heart: Secoznd Gereration Irish Muscicians in England By Sean Campbell published by Cork University Press Cambridge lecturer Campbell previously co-wrote Beautiful Day, an analysis of Irish rock music over the past 40 years. In...
  3. Uncleskinny

    Due to the recent Olympics, and my Irish heritage...

    ...I offer you a slice of Milligan. Peter
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