1. N

    "missing" Morrissey interview transcript requests

    I'll begin, this is not apparently online and even in the original thread nobody ever shared it in any way, h-e-l-p?
  2. Aubrey McFate

    Interviewing Morrissey

    Morrissey, in recent years, has not shown a willingness to sit for interviewers with non-sycophants. I believe he has restricted himself to Fiona Dodwell, his nephew, and an alleged fanzine editor, John Riggers. Was the Der Spiegel interview the last one outside of the circle? Perhaps Capitol...
  3. The.Truth.

    True Crime

    The disturbing case of he police officer who almost got away with shooting his wife.
  4. L

    Trying to find an interview

    I’m trying to find the 1997 interview of morrissey in a car. I believe it is from Brit girls series?
  5. nickbatcave

    Anyone have these Smiths interview scans? + archive

    Hello, I am trying to rebuild an interview archive, something like what Morrissey-Scans was. I have made considerable progress, but one of the things I am missing is a scan of the Hot Press 4 May 1984 interview with The Smiths. If anyone has this scan, or any of the following, it would be much...
  6. the.legend

    Morrissey's Alain Whyte & Eric Blair talk Morrissey/ Red Lightning 2005

    I don't know if someone posted this before...if not, please enjoy. Quite interesting interview with Alain Whyte - published on you tube on 09/12/2018.
  7. S

    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - interview in Rolling Stone

    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - Rolling Stone The outspoken songwriter also talks lust, adolescence, "animal slaughter" and why he doesn't vote by Rob Sheffield
  8. yasyas

    Where can I watch the full interview of Morrissey on The Colbert Report?

    not available on youtube :( any other place where I can watch or download?
  9. A

    Tales of The Smiths graphic novel - video interview of creator

    congrats. super happy for you
  10. conchrisoulis

    MTV - TALES OF THE SMITHS graphic novel interview

    If you are in Athens, Greece (or in South East Europe) you can watch an exclusive interview today at 5pm that I just gave to MTV for my daily comic book biography on the early unknown years of Morrissey, Johnny and The Smiths. Click HERE for more info
  11. J

    Smiths/Morrissey Fans Required for New Documentary

    Hi all, I'm James, a UK television director working on a longer cut of last year's doc - 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore'. I'd be really interested in hearing from fans about their experiences and memories. We are looking for soundbites from fans so if you have some form of audio recorder...

    Woody Allen thread

  13. J

    Article: Johnny Marr on why Morrissey might be ‘selling the both of us short’; to collect "Godlike G

    Re: Johnny Marr on why Morrissey might be ‘selling the both of us short’ Also, that McCartney session he talks about, does anyone know if tapes exist? I'm not a big McCartney fan but I think that would sound mega.
  14. S

    New Morrissey interview on Greek website LiFO (July 4, 2012)

    Re: Morrisseys' new interview in greek website 4.7.2012
  15. nothappynotsad

    Rufus Wainwright on Morrissey

    So, his stance on Morrissey is that he is a "mature pop artist with very adult values who also is nuts."
  16. D

    FOR SALE: Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection - 46 Tapes! + Interviews & Rarities!

    Up for sale on eBay is my entire Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection. There are 46 Tapes, and countless hours of rare footage! I simply don't have the time to convert these all to DVD, so I'm letting them go to a good home! :) Link Here's a list of what's available: The Smiths 1983-84...
  17. C

    Getting in touch with Morrissey

    This is probably a frequent discussion but since he's performing in my home town I found myself more obsessed than usual. And I got a press credential to photograph the concert (still waiting for the tour manager's permission, though) and I really wish I could interview Morrissey. Or at least...
  18. Mozza220559

    Happier Times - For Me At Least

    To cleanse the acrid taste in all our mouths let's remember the better times... Ahh proper music, when Morrissey was fascinating charming and the music spoke for it's self... How f***ing dapper does Moz look in the last one? He looks amazing. You're f***ing ace really Moz...
  19. joe frady

    Penis = dick, citrus scented floorboards, & more: Rare '92 Moz interview

    From the festering Frady Archive, an exceedingly rare, previously undocumented Morrissey interview conducted at Bowden in March '92 by Michael Bracewell; their first published encounter. It featured in the June 1992 issue of 'ES' magazine, the colour supplement to the London 'Evening Standard'...
  20. joe frady

    Moz interview - Time Out November 1990

    One of my favourite Morrissey interviews of that period (autumnal, lost, funny little singles Moz ~ walking backwards into the '90s) Conducted during the recording of the magnum opus that would become 'Kill Uncle'. Even though the content is weighted heavily toward the journalist's words rather...
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