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    Smiths bootleg cds - Thank Your Lucky Stars and Unloveable, and Interlude cd

    Hello! I'm selling the following three cds: The Smiths - Thank Your Lucky Stars bootleg of the August 26, 1986 show. $130. The Smiths - Unloveable - collection of Smiths stuff from tv appearances and soundchecks. $30. Morrissey & Siouxsie - Interlude cd single (made in England) - 3-tracks...
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    Interlude plus a few others

    I came across a CD that my dead best friend made me a very long time ago...which I never listened to (and I don't know why). So I loaded it on my iPod and was pleased immensely, having heard the songs that I heard. Interlude is on there and you can hear where the cd skipped on the song, (there...
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    Morrissey and Siouxsie Sioux

    Interlude has become one of my favorite songs, what is your take on it? And if you haven't heard, please do so now:
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