iggy pop

  1. The Wild Turkey

    Iggy And The Stooges

    Iggy never wanted to be known as Iggy and The Stooges. When ya see'em listed that way, it was done by the record company. Iggy also never wanted to be known as Iggy Stooge. The record company listed him that way on the first Stooges record. He got the name Iggy from startin' out playin' drums in...
  2. The Truth

    Patti Smith show w/ Iggy, David Johansen 1977

    AMAZING, FORGOTTEN PATTI SMITH GROUP SHOW WITH IGGY, DAVID JOHANSEN & OTHERS (BUT NO PATTI), 1977 On March 9th, 1977, members of the Patti Smith Group played an incredible yet little-known gig. A recent accident had sidelined Smith, and it’s likely the guys in Patti’s band did this show (and at...
  3. The Truth

    Iggy figure for sale

    Wax Face Toys launches opening figure of “IGGY POP 1970” First instalment from an exciting new toy company of the legendary rock star in one of his most iconic poses, during The Stooges “peanut butter incident” at Cincinnati Pop Festival in June 1970. WAX FACE TOYS is a new series of figures...
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