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  1. sistasheila

    Morrissey and band bares all (front this time) new pic

    http://twitpic.com/19598.. for those who does not visit the frink..an extra thread:-) after this arse an`all last year.. now this..dear god please help me..indeed ..delicate parts covered ...;) EDIT.btw the first one to uncover:p it was german (longstanding- exists SINCE 81 ) indie mag...
  2. Paris Hilton

    I Have A Disease

    It first started when I was a little girl and the nanny bought us some little cups of green jello to bring to the park. When I was about 12 I had my first jello shot at a White Trash party. It was topped with brandied cool whip. It was in a little beige dixie cup, the kind that poor people...
  3. Kewpie

    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    A user Some girl submitted a story to the mainpage: Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie said on their Radio 2 show last night (7th Jan) that they hope to have Morrissey in soon - talking and playing some songs. They are waiting for confirmation and will confirm it on their show next week (Mon...
  4. Theo

    Is it true or false that Kewpie is censoring tags in the 'sty??

    The rules for the Pigsty say there's just one rule (as long as the postings do not contain photos of, or personal info about, forum members, or hardcore porn). I do not read most threads on SoLow so I often don't know what all is going on. EPBabe brought it to my attention that...
  5. T

    Forum's Biggest Attention Seeker

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