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    Northern Soul review of Dog on a Chain by Danny Moran (most detailed to date?)

    A well-written, interesting and balanced review. www.northernsoul.me.uk/album-review-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-morrissey/ 'his finest work in a long generation' 'It’s no longer in the words these days, for instance, where the window on Morrissey’s soul can really be found, but in the voice.'...
  2. BookishBoy

    The Aquarian IANADOAC review by Vinny Cecolini

    https://www.theaquarian.com/2020/04/10/hot-rocks-new-releases-from-the-strokes-pearl-jam-morrissey-lukas-nelson-promise-of-the-real-dinosaur-eyelids/ A bit late in the day, but here's a very positive review of the album by Vinny Cecolini in The Aquarian (alongside reviews of albums by Pearl...
  3. D

    Rolling Stone Germany review by Arne Willander - IANADOC 4/5

    has their 4/5 stars review been mentioned here before? rollingstonegermanyreview ianadoac it praises the songs' melodies and his "absolute freedom to enjoy his privilege of fools that produces wondrous flowery effects".
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    Positive review of "Dog On Chain" by radio personality Bob Stei

    Morrissey Hits All The Right Notes On “I Am Not A Dog On A Chain” “Congratulations, You're still alive.They kicked to kill you. Do not forget, they tried to turn you Into a public target: Welcome to this knockabout world!” Morrissey sings like a martyr on “Knockabout World,” one of the...
  5. H

    Pitchfork review by Mina Tavakoli - IANADOAC 6.1/10

    https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain/ "Mildly captivating, occasionally repetitive, and frequently ridiculous, the 13th studio album from the fabulous sulk turned red-pill pharmacist is Moz’s vision of radical truth-telling."
  6. romu.rocks

    Romu.rocks review - IANADOAC

    https://romu.rocks/album/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain/ L’histoire retiendra que le treizième album de Morrissey est sorti en pleine pandémie et dans une période de confinement.... I Am Not A Dog On A Chain est un grand album. Morrissey s’est ouvert à des nouveaux horizons. Il a toujours...
  7. Famous when dead

    Upstarts and Oligarchs blog review by Rob Butterfield: "Moz is back ...and he’s certainly no dog on a chain" 10/10

    By Rob Butterfield - March 23, 2020. Excerpt: "March 20th saw the release of the latest album from Morrissey ‘I am not a dog on a chain’. His last album ‘California Son’ compelled me to write a blog post about what, in my opinion, was the greatest album release in 2019, despite its harsh...
  8. I

    Flood magazine review by AD Amorosi - IANADOAC 7/10

    Morrissey, “I Am Not a Dog on a Chain” - 7/10, Flood Magazine By AD Amorosi http://floodmagazine.com/76034/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain/ "Morrissey has never exactly been pleased with the way things are, whether it be affairs of the heart or the state of the nation. That he’s let his...
  9. D

    Independent.ie review by Barry Egan - IANADOAC

    https://m.independent.ie/entertainment/music/barking-mozzer-hasnt-lost-his-bite-39062205.html Will someone please bury journalism's corpse? The random selection of Moz Crimes are: THE PIN, saying Sadiq Khan, with his estuary accent, can't talk properly is racist (even though Moz has slagged...
  10. A

    The Sunday Times review by Mark Edwards - IANADOAC

    MORRISSEY I Am Not a Dog on a Chain BMG Can you appreciate art made by an artist you disagree with? If not, stop reading, because Morrissey isn’t backing down or (the very thought!) apologising. Right from the opening track, Jim Jim Falls, he’s offending modern sensibilities: “If you’re going to...
  11. T

    A.V. club review by Josh Modell - IANADOAC (Grade: B-)

    Like it says. The reviewer really seemed upset about the suicide lines (people really seem to take it literally) and hates the secret of music (I’ll disagree) but it’s a good review. Maybe it’s morrisseys public image that makes people take the suicide lines so seriously but as say a mindless...
  12. Gregor Samsa

    Swedish 482mhz.com review by Niklas Lövgren - IANADOAC 8/10

    https://482mhz.com/2020/03/22/recension-morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain/ Very long, thorough review. Easily the most positive Swedish review. Most (all?) of the previous ones have been whiny, formulaic and shallow. “His best album in a very, very long time.” Standout songs are Jim, River...
  13. Nikita

    Le Figaro review by Nicolas Ungemuth - IANADOAC

    In yesterday's week-end magazine of the French newspaper - it is much more about Morrissey, than the album, but eventually one understands that they like it:
  14. M

    Mild Mannered Army review by LAIRD1973 - IANADOAC

  15. D

    London Evening Standard review by Jocham Embley - IANADOAC 2/5

    Mean wee review (he thinks it's a drag) - not really worth reading tbh, but here it is. https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/music/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-review-a4392861.html
  16. 21punksalute

    Atlantic City review by Ryan Loughlin - IANADOAC 3.5/5

    https://www.atlanticcityweekly.com/arts_and_entertainment/album-review-morrissey-delivers-the-goods-on-i-am-not/article_77d95ee3-82a3-5738-84b0-a11a9c0e7a35.html Positive review, but keep in mind this stoner doesn’t like “Love is on Its Way Out”.
  17. A

    Cryptic Rock review by Alfie Vera Mella - IANADOAC 5/5

    https://crypticrock.com/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-album-review/ Here's an excerpt; "And then there is the raging bull that is “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?”—a Gospel/Blues-inspired track; the album’s first single, featuring vocals by the American R&B singer Thelma Houston...
  18. davidt

    Salford Star review by Ian Leslie - IANADOAC 4/5

    Ian sends the link: DOES SALFORD REALLY NEED MORRISSEY UNCHAINED? - Salford Star By Ian Leslie LOCKDOWN WITH MORRISSEY? As isolation becomes the norm, do we need Morrissey, his horrid views and his new album, I am not a Dog on a Chain? Ian Lesley decides that maybe we do as the ancient...
  19. H

    Uncut review by Johnny Sharp - IANADOAC 6/10

    MORRISSEY I Am Not A Dog On A Chain BMG 6/10 Gloves remain on as Moz lashes out. He hits and he misses "I see no point in being nice," Morrissey admits on the title track of his 13th studio album, but we've seen him in meaner moods. Musically, there are even moments of sweetness, such as the...
  20. D

    The Independent review by Jake Cudsi - IANADOAC (2 of 5 stars)

    Morrissey review, I am Not a Dog on a Chain: All bark and no bite - The Independent "Album by the controversial former Smiths frontman has its moments, but they are brief and virtually lost amid the more experimental forays" It's a shortish review which ends: Let the excoriation of The...
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