how soon is now

  1. David McBlitzen

    How soon is now - cover

    An other version of this great song. "How soon is now" covered and visualized. Feel free to watch.
  2. Sister I'm a Poet

    Stereogum critiques various covers of "There Is A Light..."

    This was posted on June 1 and seemed to have slipped through the cracks. It is interesting to see how some of the covers work better than others. Of course, covering a great song is sometimes harder to pull off than covering a mediocre one: how do you match the original? Gotcha Covered: “There...
  3. T

    How Soon is Now on Top of the Pops?

    I've been going through the Passions Just Like Mine website, and according to them, the Smiths performed How Soon is Now? on TOTP. this is exactly what it says; "14 February 1985 - Top Of The Pops (UK, BBC1) How Soon Is Now? Morrissey mock-machine guns the audience for Valentine's Day. "...
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