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  1. Vauxhall95

    iTunes $20 Gift Card For YOR?

    For Christmas, one of my family members gave me a $20 iTunes Gift Card. I've already download "Years of Refusal" and would like a physical copy. I'd be willing to exchange the $20 iTunes card for a new "Years of Refusal" CD or Paypal. Amazon U.S. is selling YOR for $9.99. Even if you add...
  2. Not Right in the Head

    A petition to strip Kewpie of her moderator privileges

    I think it's high time that we attempted to have a reasoned discussion as to whether Kewpie should be stripped of her moderator privileges. Yes, we've had discussions about this before, but they've been derailed by childish, ad hominem attacks. This time, I want to simply lay out the case, as I...
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