1. Alfie75280

    Question Locating photo locations

    Does anyone know the street this photo is taken on? Obviously somewhere near Batersea power station but ive had a look and cant seem to find it, maybe the street doesnt exist anymore? Any help apreciated!
  2. R

    Where do I find The Smiths clips?

    hello everyone! I am new here, this is my fist post I do on this forum. I am a huge fan of the smiths band, I've been looking for smith's clip musics from TV (top of POPS, earsay,promo videos etc). Can someone please help where do I download these clips on the highest quality as possible? it is...
  3. L

    Trying to find an interview

    I’m trying to find the 1997 interview of morrissey in a car. I believe it is from Brit girls series?
  4. Derek Tait

    Request for help re: new book about The Smiths

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone here could help me. I'm currently writing a book about The Smiths for Fonthill Media and I'm looking for anybody's personal photos of the band or other memorabilia (tickets, badges etc) to include within the pages of the book. Thanks to anyone who can help, my...
  5. IrishMozzer

    Desperately looking for a signed Years Of Refusal for Christmas pressie

    Hi there! Looking to buy one of the Years of Refusal signed albums that were sold at the shows during the YoR tour for my son as a Christmas present. If anybody is selling one please get back to me, Looking forward to hearing from yez thanks so much !
  6. B

    could anyone help?

    Im looking for a super old radio show that did a show/documentary on Morrissey / The Smiths called triple j / the j files and i cant seem to find it on youtube anymore, if anyone has any source for me that would be great, it was a Australian radio show and they went into the inspiration behind...
  7. J

    give me advice please

    Hi, i wrote this really short song/poem would like to have some peoples opinions please Disconnection concealing my thoughts, behind my modern day mask breaking down barriers of faces to face the deconstruction of barriers is the reconstruction of society the screens you so pathetically...
  8. jantogo

    Request: Dear God Please Help Me (full strings version)

    Hi guys, would anyone have the full strings/orchestral version of Morrissey's song, from 'Ringleader of the Tormentors' - "Dear God Please Help Me" ? As it has been recently taken down from YouTube and I am unable to find it anywhere... If so, please link it to me, I would appreciate it as the...
  9. T

    I'm looking for the guitar tabs for "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side"

    Please can someone direct me to some guitar tabs for "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side." I have already found the bass tabs for it on but I need the guitar tabs for it. Thanks so much.
  10. B

    Music video feedback? 'big mouth strikes again' please?

    Hi! Myself and my media group did a music video for our A2 assignment with the song 'Big Mouth Strikes Again' by the Smiths. We were meant to do some kind of screening to our target audience ... trouble is... Our college doesn't really contain the target audience we are looking for )...
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