1. M

    How Do I Get Morrissey Hair?

    I have my hair cut like Morrissey has it, but i'm stuck on how to style the perfect quiff... Can anyone help?
  2. Franzanna

    The 'I'm Getting My Hair Cut' Thread

    ... And I don't know quite how to get it done. :p I'm thinking of a just past chin-length bob with a fringe, like Sandie Shaw had 'Long Live Love' era. Any ideas? And no joke ideas like a #1 or a quiff, thanks. :rolleyes: My Mama won't let me get it cut too short.
  3. barenstank

    Morrissey Hair Thread

    For all the people out there who want their hair like Moz': what pictures would be the best to show the barber or hair stylist to get the full essence of it all? So far, I have been using this one...
  4. C

    About a Morrissey quote

    Well, as most you may be aware of, Morrissey is quoted for saying: "Long hair is an unpardonable offense which should be punishable by death." But was the context? Is there a question for this answer? Cudweed
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