1. T

    Smiths Strangeways green font poster

    I've seen it on Passionsjustlikemine but I was wondering if people know the story behind the poster. How many exist? Were they printed before or after the standard font colouring? I'd love to have one but am thinking odds of finding one are quite slim. Also, if someone wouldn't mind posting a...
  2. Girl_Drowning

    I Keep Mine Hidden

    I have heard that I Keep Mine Hidden is written by Morrissey about Marr. I was just wondering whether Morrissey writes in first person as himself or as Johnny. Basically, does Morrissey throw his emotions out there, or is it Marr?
  3. Not Right in the Head

    What are your political leanings?

    Where are you on the Political Compass? Left or Right? Authoritarian or Anarchist? Take the test & find out. My results. Don't look at 'em til you've taken the test yourself. Note that this thread isn't in the 'Sty (yet!), so I expect this to generate the kind of reasoned, calm...
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