good riddance

  1. Theo

    Senator Edward kennedy has died

    I wish President Obama had died instead. Ah well, I guess it was time for Ted Kennedy to burn in Hell for Mary Jo Kopechne.
  2. Moonbeam

    Blue jag

    Where is he? Not seen a post from him in days :confused:
  3. Mentally_Ill

    RIP Jade

    Leave your message of condolence here. and if you are a girl, remember to get your tuppence checked by the doctor often.
  4. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    What Happened To My Robby, Why Did Our God(dess) Get Banned???

    His Avi is still visible, so that gives me hope... What happened to him??? _________________
  5. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    my last post in 'the sty' evar!

    the reign of Robby here in 'the sty' is over :( i h8 some of you who post in here for realz!(others not so much) but i shall now appoint a new administration: Queen: iamnicola Prime Minister: Not Right in the Head Troll at Arms: Chico Court Jester: Dave & 'Sty' Gadfly: Buzzetta...
  6. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    thank you & bye

    i was pleasantly surprised by the 'happy birthday' pms and profile messages i got :) but alas i fear it is time i stop checking on solo as often as use to :eek: i'll try and stop by once a month if i can remember too, but the truth is that while i was pleased to be let back :o this place just...
  7. D

    Merck no longer managing Morrissey

    According to this
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