1. bluecats

    Glasgow february 17 2018

    Because the standing level tickets on TicketMaster were over, I ended up buying a level two front, seating ticket. Is there anybody, who has a level 0 standing ticket, intrested on swapping the tickets?
  2. S

    The Smiths at Night Moves, Glasgow - my part in their success

    You know how you get struck by a wayward question that a few years ago would have been impossible to act on but now there is Google to answer it for you? Tonight the question was" what was the exact date that The Smiths played Night Moves?" So I checked Wikipedia and the venue was missing...
  3. D


  4. D

    Bubblegum Records is almost one year old

  5. D

    The Hidden Cameras Glasgow, Stereo - 20th March

    Tickets for this show can be bought from: To speak of an artist's "growth" is an unforgivable cliche, but it's hard to describe Origin:Orphan, The Hidden Cameras' latest release, as anything but an...
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