ginger balls

  1. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    the person i 'online h8' most here

    1. Buzzetta, i mean i did get banned because of him, so i gotta really h8 him right? 2. Chico, he's one of the worst trolls from chat and well i cannot fathom why he is allowed to post at all :confused: 3. Not Right in the Head, cuz Dave told me to :eek: 4. Kewpie cuz she has no avatar &...
  2. E

    Most hated member

    Cant u tell im bored;)
  3. sistasheila

    What did make you smile today?

    life`s a bitch:p but every once in a while on some day in your life something funny happens what did make you smile..share.... .your pet doing something stupid , your kid says something amusing...something in the newspaper, tv, some encounters with the " human race";)..anything if not today...
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