1. Marco

    Tickets Brazil

    Tickets for Morrissey Concerts in Brazil are already on sale for São Paulo and Rio through Belo Horizonte tickets will go on sale from February 14th) through Confirmed dates are now: 7 march - Belo Horizonte - Chevrolet Hall...
  2. georgejallen

    Esquire UK online article on "Top 5 concert cancellations"

    Hi All, I have a feeling that someone has posted this but perhaps not. I like that there are no clichés in this minuscule write-up, but is rather humorous and probably endearing (probably...). They once featured "You're the one for me, Fatty" as one of the songs not to play when making love...
  3. N

    Under the influence: Morrissey tribute 16th Aug, the Boogaloo

    Some of the best new songwriters around play three songs: two of their own and one by the featured artist of the month. This month a live tribute to MORRISSEY (& THE SMITHS). Featuring: LOUIS ELIOT, TOM MCKEAN & THE EMPERORS, THE LUCKY FACE, ANTONIO, JAMES SAUNDERS, ALONE TROOPER, JAMES...
  4. D

    Two standing tickets for sale -- Troxy, May 26th

    Hi all -- This is my first post, though I've been following the forum for a while (mostly to monitor the big man's health). My partner and I have a spare pair of tickets for the Troxy gig on the 26th. They are standing tickets with a face value of £38.50, plus the usual vile charges for...
  5. I

    Calling all Morrissey fans in Hull

    Hi all, Not an attempt at spam but as a fan I thought my fellow Morrissey fans would like to know of an event pre-gig on Tuesday in hull: Morrissey Mania at Odeon Hull Tuesday 19th 17.30-21.30 Come down to Odeon Hull before Morrissey lights up the stage at the Ice Arena and...
  6. D

    One month until Morrissey's 50th!

    Manchester Birthday Concert : Birthday gifts Does anyone plan on bringing anthing special to give to Moz? Bringing a gladiolus flower for this show doesn't seem quite right :)
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