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  1. Mozgrrl

    Selling my Moz/Smiths stuff on Ebay

    My collection is dwindling...check it out.
  2. Jukebox Jury

    Star & Garter Friday 5th June

    Blimey, only seems like a week ago when the last one was on:thumb: I missed the aftershow so will be up for this one:guitar::guitar: See you there. Usual time. Usual place. Usual suspects:cool: Usual rules and regulations:D Jukebox Jury
  3. jete tes devoirs au feu

    Super "William" Han(d)s

    I have a theory. Superhans is UncleSkinny's alter ego. Superhans is the manifestation of what U/S's moderator powers will not let him become, like an evil twin.
  4. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    NRITH Boardicides???

    Read that he's is leaving Solo??? =o What happened???
  5. Not Right in the Head

    A petition to strip Kewpie of her moderator privileges

    I think it's high time that we attempted to have a reasoned discussion as to whether Kewpie should be stripped of her moderator privileges. Yes, we've had discussions about this before, but they've been derailed by childish, ad hominem attacks. This time, I want to simply lay out the case, as I...
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