1. Sven68

    New Johnny Marr feature in German "Musikexpress"

    The latest edition of German music magazine "Musikexpress" has an interesting Johnny Marr feature in which he talks about the records he listened to while making "Fever dreams PTS 1-4". This is the DeepL translation: Morrissey says that Marr should stop talking about him in interviews. Marr's...
  2. Sven68

    Spex review of Low in High School (German)

    A negative review of LIHS, largely based on Morrissey's polictical views: Translated by "DeepL": Post-The-Smiths Morrissey's swinging to the rhythm of guitars. At Low In High School, he at least also sees himself swinging to new topics...
  3. M

    Selling misspressed RTD25 (#141) - German multicoloured debut album

    Though it really hurts me... I'm selling this unique gem. Mispressed #141 RTD25. Condition : EXC Please msg me sensible offers to [email protected] Further info. :
  4. J

    The Smiths Debut LP German Promo on Ebay

    Just found this on ebay: It's No. 167
  5. sistasheila

    Moz interview in Musikexpress(+12 side spread) special

    EDIT:Scan+Translation there now A new interview -(here are a few snippets I remember) can somebody scan it? I only had a glimpse in it at a shop. And someone also do a full translation of the interview then? (if nobody has a scanner then somebody could write down the interview then? Interview...
  6. sistasheila

    Non-english Moz/Smiths interviews/articles (some are translated, some not)

    I`ve some in japanese,german,dutch etc.most of them are translated now!1st one is a italian interview (not a tranlated one from a british mag-i assume by going through it) where english translation is needed for those who do not speak italian... the french inrock articles are very intersting...
  7. Quiffaa

    Article on Smiths / Morrissey in German weekly
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