1. S

    Spex review of Low in High School (German)

    A negative review of LIHS, largely based on Morrissey's polictical views: Translated by "DeepL": Post-The-Smiths Morrissey's swinging to the rhythm of guitars. At Low In High School, he at least also sees himself swinging to new topics...
  2. M

    Selling misspressed RTD25 (#141) - German multicoloured debut album

    Though it really hurts me... I'm selling this unique gem. Mispressed #141 RTD25. Condition : EXC Please msg me sensible offers to [email protected] Further info. :
  3. J

    The Smiths Debut LP German Promo on Ebay

    Just found this on ebay: It's No. 167
  4. sistasheila

    Moz interview in Musikexpress(+12 side spread) special

    EDIT:Scan+Translation there now A new interview -(here are a few snippets I remember) can somebody scan it? I only had a glimpse in it at a shop. And someone also do a full translation of the interview then? (if nobody has a scanner then somebody could write down the interview then? Interview...
  5. sistasheila

    Non-english Moz/Smiths interviews/articles (some are translated, some not)

    I`ve some in japanese,german,dutch etc.most of them are translated now!1st one is a italian interview (not a tranlated one from a british mag-i assume by going through it) where english translation is needed for those who do not speak italian... the french inrock articles are very intersting...
  6. Quiffaa

    Article on Smiths / Morrissey in German weekly
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