1. The Wild Turkey

    The Gay Ranchero

    Look at ya now. To busy carryin' on in such a manner and ain't got the sense to look where ya goin'. :p
  2. The Truth

    It's not about Sweden

  3. Quiffaa

    Quakers agree to same-sex marriages

    "The Quakers today agreed to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples and said they would ask the government to change the law to allow Quaker registering officers to register same-sex partnerships in the same way as marriages."...
  4. SparkleBoy

    Gay or Not? The Last Rock 'N Roll Poll. he?
  5. chica

    Paying for sex

    We talked about some aspects of it, but I don't recall we have had this kind of discussion :)
  6. D

    bad mood thread

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