1. Simple_Pleasures

    Amanda Hallay takes a look at Moz as a fashion icon

    Stumbling through the deep, dark internet, I quite recently found the chanel 'The Ultimate Fahion History' run by Amanda Hallay and as in life things sometimes do fit together, she only yesterday provided a video about Morrissey, which I (kindly) want to share with you, although it tells nothing...
  2. B

    Looking for online pen pals and friends

    Looking for online pen pals and friends that are into Morrissey/Smiths,Belle and Sebastian,Duran Duran,Depeche Mode or British bands in general.I also like art, theater,traveling and a variety of other things.Most of all I like writing and hearing from others music fans.If your interested...
  3. Uncleskinny


    Can I get a hug? I'm depressed beyond tablets. I need a big hug. Who will oblige? Please help an inveterate fan. Thanks. Peter
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