1. speedfreaks ball

    the OFFICIAL world cup 2010 thread

    well beckhams out (prob for the best) and the media circus is starting to stir from its slumber, a pointless and poor england team will go to and watch brazil and italy play the final on the telly like the rest of us...yawn, wake me when its done.
  2. N

    Johnny Marr is Dead by Brian Jonestown

    Having come from Manchester and having been resident in Portland, Orgeon, I finally got round to watching DIG! last night, which led to a search in iTunes for Brian Jonestown ... on their 2009 album "your side of our story", there is a song johnny marr is dead (which I am relieved to reveal, in...
  3. nowherefast944

    World Cup 2010 Thread

    Lots of footy fans here, I believe so I figured I'd start a thread. Anyways, Discuss! Who else here hates the US National team? The commentators rub me the complete wrong way, and Landon Donavon is such a crybaby, it's hard to watch him play without getting distressed. He's such a...
  4. A

    Smiths nod in Soccer Skills vid
  5. Jukebox Jury

    Newcastle United Fan ''F**ked To Death'' By A Zebra!!

    Sensational headline..... but true:eek: For those of you unawares (ie Americans;)) Newcastle United football club play in black and white stripped shirts. Jukebox Jury
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