1. Simple_Pleasures

    Amanda Hallay takes a look at Moz as a fashion icon

    Stumbling through the deep, dark internet, I quite recently found the chanel 'The Ultimate Fahion History' run by Amanda Hallay and as in life things sometimes do fit together, she only yesterday provided a video about Morrissey, which I (kindly) want to share with you, although it tells nothing...
  2. Jose Manuel Hernández

    t-shirts from The Smiths and other bands

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share with you our t-shirts We have t-shirts with designs from The Smiths, The Cure, and some upcoming ones of different musicians of that era. Check it out if you like it! We ship worldwide. DSC_0356-679x1024 by Jose Manuel Hernández posted Apr 21...
  3. nuev0

    Finding 80's Morrissey style button ups

    Hello all! :) I joined the forum to post this silly little thread because, well, I'm looking to be the Moz himself for Halloween. I'm hoping someone could help me out! In the 80's Morrissey would wear a lot of oversized shirts with interesting patterns that, today are impossible to find...
  4. georgejallen

    Esquire UK online article on "Top 5 concert cancellations"

    Hi All, I have a feeling that someone has posted this but perhaps not. I like that there are no clichés in this minuscule write-up, but is rather humorous and probably endearing (probably...). They once featured "You're the one for me, Fatty" as one of the songs not to play when making love...
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