1. Steven Taylor

    Mexico City fans for collaboration

    Hello. My name is Steven Taylor. I am currently directing a short piece on Morrissey and his incredible connection to Mexico with my creative partner Jory Lee Cordy. We were both filming at the most recent Mexico City show and the festival in Guadalajara. We are wondering if you could help us...
  2. Westcoastsister

    People are always asking why do we (Moz Fans) love him so much?

    I'm always getting asked by my coworkers and others who i attend school with, why does Morrissey have such a huge following? When I attended his show on Nov. 9 at the Bren Events Center in Irvine, I asked this question to many of the fans there. What I loved most about the responses was that...
  3. C

    "Why Morrissey has the most loyal fanbase in the music industry" by Rob Pollard - MEN

    Why Morrissey has the most loyal fanbase in the music industry - Manchester Evening News by Rob Pollard Ahead of Morrissey's gig at Manchester Arena, M.E.N reporter Rob Pollard ponders the extreme devotion of the former Smiths frontman's fans Note: Full article removed on suggestion by author...
  4. tender_hooligan

    Berlin Pre & Aftershow Parties

    Dr. Martens Beat #9: The Smiths, Moz & beyond Thursday, 11th August, 22:30 - 6:00 Mokum, Danziger Str. 56, 10435 Berlin "After Show Party is fürn Arsch. Deswegen heisst sie ja auch so. Wir feiern einfach vor. Auch für jene die entweder keine Tickets für...
  5. Anaesthesine

    NPR Reviews Morrissey: Autobiography

    Excellent read - thank you.
  6. J

    “Fans” Project by James Mollison

    I don't know if someone posted this before, but I came across this project on It features also a picture of "typical" Morrissey fans. “Over three years I photographed fans outside different concerts. I was fascinated by the different tribes of people that attended them, and...
  7. Jean Marais

    Burn Down The Disco - 28th Dec - The Thomas House, Dublin

    Burn Down The Disco for fans of The Smiths, Morrissey and their influences. The Thomas House right after These Charming Men - Play the music of the Smiths at The Village 28th Dec A night of music and videos dedicated to The Smiths, Morrissey and their influences. DJs playing the songs that...
  8. mauve21

    Bad poems for you

    When Morrissey was seen with Lady Ga Ga, some of his fans were heard to say "What a shame she's so thin. and much younger than him. and does the other guy also want to play!?!?" But the word from those in the know, is that Morrissey didn't really want to go, and was cajoled by the...
  9. P

    Moz fans on Twitter?

    Are there any Moz/Smiths fans on Twitter? Be good to follow people with some decent taste for once ;)
  10. S

    Morrissey's 50th Birthday @ Salford Lads Club

    Hiya. We did a mini-doc of Morrissey's 50th birthday celebrations at the Salford Lads Club in Ordsall last week if you want to have a look :) Youtube link here...
  11. S

    The Eureka Moment: What Got You Hooked?

    First Smiths song in your teenaged bedroom, first Moz solo in your college dorm, the boy with the messy hair and the off-kilter grin...?
  12. sistasheila

    Do you have Smiths/Mozposters on your wall (and other?)

    i just saw that southbank show again with shawn duggan sitting in front of his mozpic shrine and i wonder ..if you have smiths or moz posters on your wall ? i only had the greatest hits cover pic above my bed when i lived in flensburg (moz b/w eyes closed) which was used as a ad for the...
  13. Scarlet Ibis

    Are certain types of people more likely to be Morrissey fans?

    If you think so, can you tell me what you think these types are like? Do you think it's an actual Jungian or Enneagram based personality type or two or is it more general like Jerks or Sweethearts? Poets or Fools? Something else?
  14. M

    Defy the Morrissey-fan stereotype in this thread!

    Finally, it's the thread we've all been waiting for... The thread in which one defies the Morrissey-fan stereotype! And please, show a little more imagination than 'eat dead things' etc. My defiance? An addiction to ski-ing! Absolutely love it. Go as often as I flipping well can. But when...
  15. Smith Division

    Can you be a Morrissey/Smiths fan AND be wealthy?

    I need your input on a "debate" I was having with another Morrissey/Smith fan the other night. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to bring this to this forum, but I thought all of you might help settle this dispute. POINT: He said that if you are wealthy, drive nice cars, live on the right...
  16. paintavulgarpicture

    Who has met morrissey?

    Who has ever been lucky enough to meet him? When/where, etc?
  17. barenstank

    Morrissey Hair Thread

    For all the people out there who want their hair like Moz': what pictures would be the best to show the barber or hair stylist to get the full essence of it all? So far, I have been using this one...
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