1. David McBlitzen

    Morrissey - Striptease With A Difference fan made music video

    This song deserves a regular music video. Unfortunately it is unreleased and obviously not much loved by Moz. But I like the sound and the singing very much so now this song got a youtube video with moving pictures ? Striptease With A Difference - written in 1991 by Morrissey / Langer Part...
  2. teatime

    Fan-made Shirts? Oh, yes.

    Hello everyone. Being a new person here, I've most likely made a thread that has been made many times over. I assure you that I did search for one and didn't find any on the subject. Furthermore, I've probably created it in the wrong forum. This is also my first post on the forums. Goodness...
  3. M

    YOUR Moz Single

    Is there a Moz song that you think would have been AWESOME as a single but never was released as one? Well we all know this is up to Moz but for fun make your own Morrissey single sleeve from something in his back catalog; it can be solo or smiths. I'll start with my personal favorite...
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