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  1. Uncleskinny

    Full Morrissey interview on news.com.au: Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Prince Harry, unreleased Smiths

    Exclusive: Morrissey on Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Prince Harry and unreleased Smiths material - news.com.au By Cameron Adams, News Corp Australia Network There's so much here. But, forgive me - calling George Galloway and Nigel Farage liberal educators - what f***ing world does he live in...
  2. S

    New set photos from 'Steven' - Rex

    'Steven' on set filming, Manchester (5 photos) - Rex 3 May 2016 Photos: MCPIX/REX/Shutterstock 'War and Peace' star Jack Lowden plays Morrissey in the forthcoming biopic 'Steven' which is being filmed in Stretford, Manchester. The film follows Morrissey up to the formation of The Smiths.
  3. A

    The Smiths saluted in Mojo magazine (Aug. 2016)

    The Smiths Saluted In New MOJO Magazine - MOJO 30 years since The Queen Is Dead redefined British rock, the stories behind their 50 Greatest Songs, plus Morrissey movie latest and Marr memoir update. By DANNY ECCLESTON Excerpt: THE NEW MOJO magazine (MOJO 273 / August 2016) is a Smiths...
  4. R

    Crouch End novelist William Thacker on writing "Steven" - Hampstead Highgate Express

    Crouch End novelist on writing a biopic of Smiths star Morrissey - Hampstead Highgate Express Bridget Galton talks to a Crouch End novelist who has also co-written Morrissey biopic Steven. Excerpt: “I was on set which is not typical but they wanted me to have another pair of eyes on the...
  5. davidt

    Laurie Kynaston to play Johnny Marr in "Steven"

    Links posted by tyronepowebottom (original post): Never taking this t-shirt off. Thank you to my incredible make up artist Laura Hartney who I just worked with on the film STEVEN. I got to play Johnny Marr. It was f***in awesome.
  6. davidt

    Cleopatra Records Spins Into U.S. Distribution With Morrissey Biopic ‘Steven’ - Deadline

    Cleopatra Records Spins Into U.S. Distribution With Morrissey Biopic ‘Steven’ - Deadline Excerpt: EXCLUSIVE: Brian Perera’s LA-based label Cleopatra Records is expanding into film distribution and production; eyeing projects focused on indie music and its icons. Its first move is acquiring all...
  7. nicky wire's legs

    Jack Lowden pictured as Morrissey

    oh my... oh no.... no, no, no... i just... ugh... i just, i cant... just no. a BIG no. i mean, they might as well have just picked anyone at this rate. i mean, there is just no trace of any majestic indomitably coiffed kittenish sensitive-eyed rugged-browed ubermensch in this fusty-smelling and...
  8. A

    "Steven" movie website; extras opportunity

    An anonymous person posted the link: http://www.steventhemovie.co.uk / http://www.steventhemovie.com/ Steven the Movie If you would like the opportunity to be in the film STEVEN about the young Steven Morrissey then please submit the following personal details via email to...
  9. A

    ‘Doctor Foster’ Actress Jodie Comer Boards Morrissey Biopic ‘Steven’ - Deadline

    An anonymous person posted the link: ‘Doctor Foster’ Actress Jodie Comer Boards Morrissey Biopic ‘Steven’ - Deadline Excerpt: EXCLUSIVE– Jodie Comer has joined the cast of Steven, the Mark Gill-directed biopic of iconic British singer Morrissey. This film marks Comer’s big screen debut...
  10. davidt

    "Steven" filming updates - The Moors, 384 Kings Road

    Link to @ThrillWhacker/Twitter (William Thacker, co-writer of "Steven") posted by an anonymous person (original post): Over the moors. Posted by an anonymous person (original post): https://www.instagram.com/dstar78/ Filming Morrissey biopic on kings road stretford today. UPDATE...

    Jessica Brown-Findlay as Linder Sterling in Morrissey biopic "Steven"

    Re: Jessica Brown Findlay as Linder Sterling in Morrissey "movie" looks are close enough,glad they went out of their way. Hope she does the scene with the meat dress and black strap on ! :lbf: hmm, this film may be worth a watch.
  12. unloveable

    Jack Lowden will portray the early life of Morrissey in "Steven"

    British entertainment columnist Baz Bamigboye writes the following article about a new movie based on the life of our Moz ,"Steven" Do you think he looks like Morrissey? BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Jack's the lad to play Morrissey in new film called 'Steven' - Daily Mail Excerpt: Jack Lowden, one of the...
  13. davidt

    "Steven" - unauthorized biopic covering Morrissey's pre-Smiths life by Mark Gill to begin shooting

    Arthur sends the scan from The Hollywood Reporter (May 16, 2014 issue): Morrissey the Movie One of the most unique - and oblique - figures in music is about to get a biopic and, like him, a highly unusual one. The unauthorized film Steven - the first name of former Smiths' leader Morrissey -...
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