1. Theo

    Still wearing those "Love Moz Hate Racism" t-shirts?

    Certain people abused your dear Theo in this old thread: "Love Moz Hate Racism Shirts" thread from 2007
  2. What she said

    Russia wages war on emo kids

    As I mentioned on the other thread... This just makes me laugh... Russia wages war on emo kids The 'dangerous teen trend' is, apparently, a threat to national stability and anti-emo legislation is being drawn up to outlaw kids sporting black hair with fringes that 'cover half the face'...
  3. M

    My Myspace Poetry Blog

    I know, a bunch of you Moz-Solo, users are jerks and very rude.If you don't like my thread, I'm sure one of the moderators would be more than pleased to delete it. For the nice ones out there, I'd like your opinions on my poetry. Comments would be appreciated. On the left hand side of the page...
  4. M

    Do you really love Morrissey?

    People always say they love Morrissey.... Do you really love Morrissey? Do you actually have feelings for him and why?
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