1. R

    Where do I find The Smiths clips?

    hello everyone! I am new here, this is my fist post I do on this forum. I am a huge fan of the smiths band, I've been looking for smith's clip musics from TV (top of POPS, earsay,promo videos etc). Can someone please help where do I download these clips on the highest quality as possible? it is...
  2. DrStatham

    Request: Low In High School vinyl bonus disc MP3s

    If anyone could send them I would be grateful, I lost the MP3s when I broke my phone :sob: Cheers
  3. Gaetano

    Online stream of England Is Mine?

    Does anyone know of any sites where I can stream England is Mine? I don't live in the UK, so I won't be able to watch it in theatres. :)
  4. yasyas

    Vaxuhall and I outtakes (MP3)

    hi everyone, i got these outtakes tracks of vaxuhall and i album from thesmithstorrents and they were as FLAC files at first -which means they cannot work on my phone- I converted them to mp3 and made cover for the album and thought maybe someone else need them in that format so I uploaded them...
  5. Ann Coats

    A slight request (please, please, please…)

    I have been searching for a bootleg of the October 12, 2004 Toronto gig (at the Hummingbird Centre), to no avail! I was at that show, and would love to hear (or see) a recording of it, if at all possible, but cannot find an audio (or video) copy anywhere online. If anyone has a copy they...
  6. mexico

    Oasis Radio Edits Request

    I'm been hunting for Oasis track 'Whatever' the Radio Edit not the album version, I believe it was released as a promo, all the download links i've found are dead, has anyone got it(or any other Oasis-Radio Edits) that they can share with me please?
  7. T

    Very silly question about downloading torrents

    How long should it take to download a torrent from Mine seems to take billions of years using Final Torrent. I'm a newbie to the whole thing.
  8. Elvez

    Longview - 2 new songs, finally after 7 years + b-sides

    ¡Hola Amigos! How come these lads aren't more well known? Hopefully someone out there will enjoy them. They're even from Manchester too!:cool: They just posted 2 new songs on their website to stream: She's Taking Me Over, and Happiness In Loneliness. Top tunes...
  9. oh. phoney

    My acoustic cover of King Leer

    I have just downloaded a new iPhone Multi-track recording application and here's my first attempt at recording with it Acoustic cover of King Leer (Morrissey) Please bear in mind that the application used cost less than £10 so the quality of the...
  10. M

    Elva Snow album: free download at

    Elva Snow album: free download at (US Only) I just downloaded the 2005 Elva Snow album from for free! AmieStreet gives away free downloads for newly released albums and then at some point, starts charging incremental amounts for each song (usually starting at...
  11. M

    Request:Pony Club

    Can anyone upload Pony Club's albums. They're on my iPod but I can't manage to get them on my computer!
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