1. E

    Morrissey Meets fan fighting cancer - one year anniversary music vid

    Almost a year a go to the day, Morrissey met my wife, Jennifer Moon Kelly. A life long fan of Moz... A few days later she passed away. He dedicated the song, 'One of our own' to her at the Irvine Sports center and it was captured via mobile and sent to me. I made a video with this and...
  2. gretchenraine

    Dedicate a song to Morrissey

    I did a search of the threads and found several to dedicate a song to other solo members but none to dedicate a song to Morrissey. I thought dedicating a song would be nice way to share your feelings for Mozzy while also expressing your own musical interests. Only rule: NO SMITHS OR...
  3. boyleastlikelyto

    Moz tattoo

    I want to get a tattoo of the new-ish morrissey logo. the 'M' and crown logo. anyone have a great pic for me. pleeease. this place is the greatest thank you.
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