1. Light Housework


    I keep finding covers of Morrissey and Smiths tunes and I don't think I want to spam the strange or unexpected references thread with them.
  2. khealey237

    Cover of "Michaels Bones"

    Always one of my favorites. This version is played on ukelele, acoustic, bass, and electric guitars, with MIDI drums programmed in real-time. Recorded in my home studio using Cubase LE for mixing/recording and Ozone 9 for mastering. Please share!
  3. khealey237

    "Angel Angel Down We Go Together" psychedelic/glam cover

    Another Moz cover from K.Healey, aka Eddie Kite - this a glam/psychedelic version of "Angel Angel Down We Go Together" from Viva Hate.
  4. khealey237

    One-man-band cover of "Suedehead"

    Folks over in the Moz groups on Facebook seem to like this one-man-band-style cover of Suedehead. It's a bit slower in tempo, with a more jazzy acoustic rhythm, fancier guitar solo, and additional harmonies.
  5. T

    Sat 14 Apr - The Joneses at Water Rats in London

    Greetings Smithereens, Great news - more tickets are available for our upcoming show at The Water Rats in King's Cross at the end of the month, and we can reveal support will come from our friends Luminol. They are noisy, delicate, loud and quiet; with songs about dark nights of the soul and...
  6. oleary1599

    Out There Covers LP : The Cockney Watchdogs

    I made an out there and bonkers Smiths/Moz covers LP with my band "The Cockney Watchdogs" for yer pleasure.
  7. Oh my

    A thread for ukulele covers?

    Well... why not?
  8. Sister I'm a Poet

    Stereogum critiques various covers of "There Is A Light..."

    This was posted on June 1 and seemed to have slipped through the cracks. It is interesting to see how some of the covers work better than others. Of course, covering a great song is sometimes harder to pull off than covering a mediocre one: how do you match the original? Gotcha Covered: “There...
  9. khealey237

    Loving Moz/Smiths parodies

    My daughter and I have produced several loving, vegan-friendly parodies of Smiths and Moz tunes. There are mocking parodies out there, on other threads, but where are the loving take-offs, spin-offs? The playlist above...
  10. D

    'Stop Me...' chiptune

    the rash of these chiptune covers inspired me to finish my 8bit version of 'stop me'. made with nothing but gameboys and a deep deep love for the smiths and Morrissey. enjoy,.. dasid
  11. dizzywhore_1804

    HURTS - So far

    After the glowing reviews on my other thread (:blushing:) I thought I'd post what else I've collected. Included is the (according to Popjustice) demo version of 'Wonderful Life', a white-label release of 'Unspoken' and two Huw Stephens sessions of 'Illuminated' and 'Silver Lining'. All...
  12. Quiffaa

    TMS Hearts Moz: Morrissey Cover-Album

    from here 'As Mozzer’s 50th birthday approaches (May 22nd), I wanted to celebrate in some sort of special manner. After much deliberation, I decided that a covers project would be the perfect way for The Music Slut to mark the occasion. Over the...
  13. libertine99

    some morrissey-covers

    hullo, sorry, im new here, hope thats the right section for this ^^ just if anyone's interested - a few covers Ive made (with a stupid drum-computer) (also I tried a "Morrissey-by-numbers"-song (You must die), I more or less failed though :) cheers, flo
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